"Peer-pressured" into Instagram XD (Wednesday, 17 December 2014)




First and foremost must post the badge right?!! Self-promote!! But there's only 1 post for now! LOL

Well... it is not really from peers that I felt the "pressure" to sign up for an account with Instagram, coz I am rather happy, VERY HAPPY with Pick! It's kinda similar to Instagram but with better features and accessibility. For all that I am aware, (I am still noob at Instagraming) I can't post my pictures (umm... you know? after I have it photo-shopped?) and I am kinda... disappointed. Then, initially when I tried to use the app.. it seems that the options for editing the pics are quite little... or maybe coz I am using an android phone? Not sure.. But if it wasn't for the fact that I really wanted to:

1. Follow / Stalk my favourite beauty gurus
2. Take part in contests/giveaways
3. For the joy of interacting with potential readers of my blog/YT channel viewers

I would not have joined.

But then again, I had... so I shall work on getting more posts on it.

I will most likely repost my Pick posts into Instagram as Pick provides great filters and stamps and bla bla bla.

It also allows me to post via web browser login / Android app / Apple Store app


and I bet at this point you have noticed how my Pick Page's background looks sooooooo pretty right?

See!!! You can customise how you want it to appear on web, outside of browser, it can still look good! In face, they provide you with template background to choose from. If you already have a LINE account or Naver account, or you could even choose to create an account via Facebook or twitter login. All posts could be crossed post to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Sinablog.

So if you visit me at http://pick.naver.jp/fsrain, this is what you'll see on the landing page:


pick,instagram alternative,photo editing,naver,line,photo app


and this is how my profile looks like:

pick,Instagram,FSRain,FS.Rain,Blogger,Beauty,Makeup Enthusiast

I don't care what you think of Instagram la, I really like how Pick is and I think you really should try it too!!!

hahaha.. somehow this post ended up not talking much about my instagram account... anyways, to find out more, just check me out on Instagram loh.

Till the next time... (gonna be very soon)

See ya around~





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