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Saturday, 28 January 2012

[TAG] 30 Makeup Questions

30 Makeup Questions Tag!

**I'm answering these based on what i have tried thus far, which isn't alot actually**

1. When did you start putting on makeup?
FS- many years back like age 12 or 13 without success..finally pull it off in Year 2009

2. How did you learn to put on makeup?
FS- Initially via imitation of magazine blown up pics,then found tutorials on YouTube and also beauty makeup / tvshow such as Queen女人我最大 and beauty books imported from Taiwan (i bought fr.kinokuniya)

3. Favourite brand
FS- Fancl, Maybelline, Jordana, NYX, MAC, ELF, Wet N Wild (cant get in SG leh~), LA Colors, LA Girls, SilkyGirl and many more!! Paisey, could not settle down with just 1 brand

4. Do you like wearing foundation? If so, what’s your color and favourite?
FS- Yes, esp when lazy to apply BB Cream. Ligtest color / Ivory / Fair. Fave would be Fancl and ELF. Most recent fave is LA colors mineral compact powder

5. Favourite lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner?
FS- Lipstick will be SilkyGirl & NYX (affordable price vs quality), Maybelline & FANCL (quality) and LA Girls luxury cream for a super long lasting yet not drying lip colour.
Lip gloss will be NYX, ELF, Maybelline, Jordana, LA colors, Baviphat.

6. Do you like/wear false lashes? If yes, strip or individual?
FS - Yes i like and i wear them. Dunno how to use individuals, always been using strip.

7. Favourite eye shadow color
FS- cant settled with colour, i've got 3: Blue Purple & Green + anything glittery!

8. What’s your favourite daytime look?
FS-for day time would be bright coloured eyeline/eyeshadow framing the upper eyelids + long and volumimous lashes

9. Picture of your makeup collection
FS- I have it in diff areas n some are kept.. Will try my best to capture it though.

10. Favourite makeup brush
FS- Kabuki brush if this is just talking about type of brush? Basically anything that super soft against the skin lah

11. Do you like wearing bronzer?
FS- yes of coz! But more so to contour my face.

12. Favourite mascara
FS- i have a few.. Maybelline cat eyes hyper curl
NYX doll eye 
SilkyGirl Double Intense
Loreal Ultra Volume Collagene
Fasio Bloom Creator
Holika Holika Magic Pole
These are my current faves!

13. Where do you keep your makeup?
I have a book cabinet transformed to "vanity top" and racks on top of my plastic drawers.

14. Favourite Youtube guru(s)
FS- Alot leh! Check out my YouTube channel ba! Offhand i have these as current faves:
MakeupGeek's Marlena
Michelle Phan
and many more!

15. Do you wear blush?
FS- yes!

16. Do you copy celebrity make up looks?
FS- not really, but i do get inspired occasionally to try celebrity looks

17. Favourite makeup artist
FS- i dun really know anyone else apart from Mally 

18. What’s your favourite night time look?
FS- Smokey eyes with glitters or shimmer! It can be any colour!

19. Favourite concealer
FS- im still learning how to best apply n use concealer.. None at the moment

20. Favourite eyeshadow primer
FS- Jordana eye primer & elf eyelid primer. Both are cheap & good!

21. Where do you buy your makeup at?
FS- can i promote my blog entry? XP i enjoy shopping in watsons n guardian, some other beauty retail stores. My ultimate fave is Gmarket & CherryCulture! Then for fleas, its gotta be smoochiezz!

22. Favourite toner
FS- i dun really have any fave toner. Currently im using Watsons collagen toner, nice scent and quite moisturizing. Daiso toners are cheap n good enough.

23. Favourite eye shadow palette and blush palette
FS- eyeshadow palette will be the 72 glitter palette, coz my 180 palette from @TheMimosaGarden is too bulky, although colors are superb quality!
I dun really have blush palette. But the 78pc detachable IS'MINE professional makeup palette has a good range of blush. Oh oh! I do love my elf holiday blush & bronzer quad!

24. Which do you like: cream, matte, powder, sheer, or shimmer eye shadows?
FS- i hvn tried cream shadows, still liking powder shadows which ate shimmery, glittery and very pigmented.

25. Favourite eyeliner
FS- Maybelline unstoppable, LA colors, bourjouris glitter liner (for waterline), elf liquid & felt tip liner, Jordana Fabuliner. I've tried tge testers of SilkyGirl HD liners, super soft n ultra black n last long time that handsoap couldn't get it off completely.

26. Do you wear makeup everyday?
FS- yes! Heh.. Almost. Always wear for work, and if i go out over the weekends, i'll have makeup on. Of cox, if im just getting something fr nearby convenient store sure no makeup on.

27. Favourite powder
FS- Fancl compact powder, thus far the best in terms of coverage, texture, finished look, oil control n nv clog pores! Not cheap though..

28. Favourite makeup remover
FS- Fancl mild cleansing oil. Practically removes all, even stubborn mascaras very easily.
A good alternative that i'm using now is Bio-essence Bio-hydra water soluble olive cleansing oil. Buy the travel/sample size of 30ml at $2 in guardian.

29. Do you like wearing liquid liner? If so, what’s your favourite?
FS- yes, i like liquid liner for more intense and dramatic look. My fave is Jordana Fabuliner, but also love the Maybelline newest fine tip liner, just that i hvn got it yet.. No rush for now as fabuliner fr jordana is really good enuff.

30. Picture of yourself with and without makeup
FS- Check out my photo albums and LOTD album.


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Thursday, 26 January 2012

[Makeup Pictorial] CNY-inspired look in Glittery Red

Happy Chinese New Year~!!!
Xin Nian Kuai Le!!
Gong Xi Fa Cai Hao Yun Lai~

Yea, so it is a makeup pictorial (Tutorial) which I've posted on my Health & Beauty Blog!

With great influence by the festive season, I decided to give RED colour a try!
I've never used Red for my eye shadow colour before as it is quite strong and might also make my eyes even more puffy-looking.

Somehow the look turned out well and I have captured all the steps (as detailed as possible) and post it up as a pictorial guide for this look. Check it out here!

Below are some shots taken for this look:




Friday, 20 January 2012

Introducing a new Page dedicated to [Look of the Day]

Hi everyone!

I wish to share with you a new page which I have created in my blog which is dedicated to Looks of the Day [LOTD | Look of the Day] where it links up all my posts which are scattered all over my various sits/accounts i.e. Google+, Health & Beauty Blog, Wretch blog etc

So here you have the direct link to [Look of the Day] and a glimpse of it below:

lotd,look of the day,face of the day,fotd,makeup,looks









Definitely leave a comment below or contact me if you would like to see how a specific look is done~

Do share with me your blog/site which I could also drop by!


Monday, 16 January 2012

[Product Review] Silky Girl Moisture Max Lipstick & Gloss-on Lipcolour


I've finally posted my review of the lipsticks from Silky Girl cosmetics!

These are among my current favourites apart from the Maybelline Watershine Diamonds lipsticks which I possess.

Please check it out at:

















Check it out and leave me your feedback~!! =)


Tuesday, 03 January 2012

New Year Resolutions - 2012


I never really wanted to post this nor even make a list due to many reasons.. However, I wanted to take part in the giveaway organized by Michelle Phan, hence here it is!

  1. Improve my health via better lifestyle - sufficient sleep (7-8hours)
  2. Established major milestones in my Career
  3. Establish my blog presence and also produce better reviews in YouTube & my Pixnet blog by providing enriching & informative viewing experience for my cyber visitors!
May all our dreams come true!
Have a great year in 2012!!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

About Baviphat's Bavi Girl Lollipop Lipgloss!!

Hey everyone~

I've been dilligently updating my Review Blog and today, I've just posted up a min review on the Bavi Girl Lollipop lipgloss!


Check it out here:



I was using this gloss today for my makeup and I've been using it for so long.. that I just realised that it has gotten so much "shorter" than before.

Hence I decided to post my review up before I finish off both of them! yea.. there is 2 which I've bought.



Saturday, 10 December 2011

MakeupGeek's Weekly Challenge: Water For Elephants


I've finally submitted my inspired look for this challenged organized by Marlena and Team on MakeUpGeek.com

Here are my photos which I've submitted:

MUG, makeupgeek, weekly challenge, water for elephants MUG, makeupgeek, weekly challenge, water for elephants 

MUG, makeupgeek, weekly challenge, water for elephantsMUG, makeupgeek, weekly challenge, water for elephants


and below are the pictures of the Reese Witherspoons in the movie Water for Elephants:




So what do you think? Comment, rate and tell me your views! XD



Thursday, 08 December 2011

Introducing... My Makeup-Craze Blog~!!

Hey everyone~

I'm so glad that you popped-in here, although I'm not very sure how.. But then again, I wish to share with you that I have finally set-up and dedicated one of my blogs (I've got three including this) to rant and rave about my obssession about Beauty / Makeup / Cosmetics and Health products!

If you share the same interests as me, catch me here and exchange your views with me!

Spot me:



Wednesday, 07 December 2011

About Daiso | Always $2!!

Hey people~

As I've started to blog more actively over at my Health & Beauty Blog, I guess it is only beneficial for me to share with you the posts too!

In this post, I am sharing about all the items (at least as much as I am able to "capture" them on camera) which I've gotten from Daiso. Check it out!!

FYI - I believe Daiso is quite popular in Asia where it is like a neighbourhood "Dollar store" where items sold are relatively cheap, and in this case, it is all priced at SGD2.00.

There were lotsa items which were value for money and almost every trip there I would end up getting something. Of course, there are times where it was planned for.. but then.. XD sometimes temptation sets in and some items are bought on impulse.