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Saturday, 06 September 2014

Babies around me~

Initially at the start of the year I was wondering why does it seems that there are a lot of YouTube Gurus getting pregnant... then, I also realised and found out that there were several ladies around me who were pregnant...

Now, I have babies that were just born into this world around me... I like babies since I get to see lots of them when my aunties get pregnant with my little cousins. My mum used to help out with friends and other people's babies as in she used to be a caretaker that helps to care for babies whose parents needa work. I have always loved to help my mum out with the caretaking of babies.. cuddle my baby cousins when I visit them. .

Never had I thought of it that one day in my life... I wanna have one of my own.

I guess it's the body clock ticking... urging or forming desires of settling down, getting married with your loved one and finally having your own miracles -- babies.

Not too sure if it's the flood of babies in my life at this stage or it's me. I did noticed that before the end of my previous relationship, I had already been looking forward to settling down into a new family with a life partner.. after that ended and I got into the current one. .. I know I really want to move on into the other phase of life. Yet.. financially I'm yet ready. . he isn't too... and I decided to pursue my level 7 advanced diploma with CIPD, which is an equivalent of a Master's degree under the UK QCF system. what's worst was the career hiatus that came along after I have gotten halfway through my course. Glad and thankful that I am now sound in a job and classes had been fun and enriching. .
work as crazy as before but rather different than before. I am now tasked with higher responsibilities, I have staff to oversea and execute instructions from me. A totally new area for growth and am so excited and felt very utilised and appreciated. Well, there's always two sides to everything. As fulfilling as it can be, I am busy as heck. Tomorrow is my best friend's Wedding. I am her dinner's host for chinese speeches. . gonna stop here and finally get into translatin my script.

Shall catch up on my BlogSpirit again!


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