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Monday, 08 May 2017

Great Reads - Flirting With Danger by Suzanne Enoch

It's really crazy how engrossed I'd get when a book that has romance coupled with suspense, mystery & intricacies of analysing human behaviours such as this could have gotten me stuck to my ZenPad for so many hours!

Perhaps surprising to most people who would have known me for a long time (apart from my family), I read a lot and I can get addicted to reading interesting stuff, it can be fictional or non-fictional, manga or news/articles, in hard copies or ebooks that are now trending in my geeky life. However, I seldom felt so good about a book that gave me urges to share it across a certain platform! This book did! It was SUCH a pleasure reading it that I couldn't resist blogging about it here! There are other books that topped my favourite reads since my early days of reading (children's books too!), yet there wasn't any that impressed me this much lately!

I won't give spoilers, I will have a screen grab of the details of the book and the "Synopsis" at the bottom of this post for those who are interested to read it. This is my first book from Suzanne Enoch, and I bet I'll be scouting her titles now and then as she's now having a place in me for great plots with twists that also include juicy details on intimacy & love-making!

I really enjoyed the whole story so much that I'd tell whoever that might be reading this random post of mine to just READ THIS BOOK!!!


PS: this isn't a book review, just a public sharing & declaration for a book that I really loved & enjoyed!


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