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Tuesday, 09 May 2017

[My Thoughts] Law of Attraction video by Wing - DivaMakeupQueen

My 2nd attempt at posting this coz I had executed my deep fears of not saving the post and losing it... it is exactly how the L.O.A. works and dammned me that I just commented on Wing's video about the ways this Universe kept reminding me of the L.O.A versus what I want.

Since I haven't wrote such a long comment in awhile, let me shares it with you here, as it also shed some light on what's happened in my life recently.

"Wing, I have something to share! I love reading and buying books (fictional/non-fictional etc) to a point that I did run out of space but still reluctant to rid my books since I've acquired them from childhood days. As I am working and willing to set money aside for books & stuff, I will pop by our famous book store Kinokunya to simply check out the books, mangas and magazines. I enjoy browsing the new releases and recommendations sections for books written in English and Chinese. Some years back, I chanced upon this Chinese book titled 吸引力法則 with the original title Law of Attraction also printed, I bought it right away. I honestly haven't finished it but I did realised some stuff. Firstly, the book mentioned that the more you manifest/keep thinking about something or fearing something, what you kept focusing on (regardless of it being a good thing or a bad thing), it WILL HAPPEN. That pointer, hit me so hard as many past experiences on things that i dreaded and kept thinking of "I don't want it to happen" had happened. Similarly, things that I genuinely want/wished for, came to me e.g. lucky draw for tickets to idols' concert years before I read the book, till most recently, earlier this year, when I was in dire need for a job, and sensing the r/s wasn't heading anywhere that I wanted, I was telling myself and even wished to the deity worshipped at home + "老天爷" which may be similar to the "universe", that I really really need a job to come by, and a man who simply loves me, makes me happy, shower me with attention I needed, give me a sense of security and who also had marriage in mind and plans on executing it within the next 2-3 years. I really wished for the job and the someone with a determination that no matter how, with or without help, I will go get it. Guess what? Things just suddenly fall into places almost less than 48hours or so, now that I think back on it. The way it happened, it was really phenomenal. As much as i have experienced it since years ago, sometimes I think that the universe has its way of reminding me to keep staying positive, not just simply because it keeps good things coming, but because it is what I have decided to be since one fateful day in my secondary school life, that I want happiness in my life and I will always find it in all simplicity. I'd like to think that although reality is harsh, as long as you have faith, you chose and want to be happy, it is definitely achievable as it/universe/Allah/God/Deities whoever it is, will help you.

I am so glad that you've found out about the law of attraction and you are so generous at sharing your experience with us! heh heh... sorry for this unusually long comment, but this is really one topic that interests me and resound in me. I'm definitely looking forward to watching a series on the law of attraction!"

Watch the video to find out which
book was recommended and it is what I'll be reading pretty soon!



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