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Monday, 21 September 2015

A Gan Signature Milk Tea - Bubble Tea!!!

I knew about the A Gan Bubble Tea for a long time... since it's first outlet near the NEL entrance towards Plaza Singapura but I never thought of giving it a try coz in my heart I thought that it's just another overrated bubble tea..

I couldn't resist the urge 2 weeks back and during the Saturday afternoon while me and sister were shopping in chinatown point daiso, I had a craving for something which I couldn't pin down.

Once we were done paying for our stuff, right outside the Daiso store in Chinatown point we saw A Gan tea (阿甘泡泡茶)&寒天晶球... somehow decided to give it a try.

There after I had been hooked! hahaha.. love the chewy kanten jelly bits as those are very chewy and almost tasteless, which is what I prefer over "bubbles/pearls".

Friday, 08 June 2012

Mini Reviews Series Coming Your Way~~

Weee Hee~~!!!

I've started out a quest to post as many mini reviews of my cosmetics, skincare, makeup removers, whatever and ever so on so forth.. blah blah blah lala la.... to and fro work!! At the very least, on my way to work while I'm yet too exhausted by the end of the working day.

If you've been following my Health & Beauty Blog at Pixnet, you'd have noticed that it's slowly getting posted up!!

Also, I am trying to catch up on the photos to be uploaded!

The problem with uploading of photos is not the internet connection.. its the pre-upload that's tiring, time-consuming, and sometimes, confusing me too~

Coz I am lazy to rename my files after they are uploaded, so the best way to ensure after uploading into my blog I only have very minimal things to do, I will sort them out in my Thumbdrive folders and have all of the renamed!

This way, the file name tells me what photo it is and easier for me to organize them into the folders of my online album too!

Not to forget that these photos are also used for my reviews! So it is very important that I checked through them to get rid of blurred and out of focus photos, rename it, sort it out before and after uploading into my blog site.

Anyway, I'm just so happy this week. Completed 2 major steps for 2 major projects and I finally feel that I've made significant progress >> That's at work. Outside of work, I've been enjoying the fun and stressless kinda mini review blogging using the mobile app of my pixnet account. Mini reviews by my standards, save me lots of time on research, data consolidation, carefully planned review shots and swatches and applications shots. If necessary and possibily done, a video clip will be shot to further contribute to the content of a Review Blog post.

So such mini reviews are really convenient and hassle-free for me.  I'm dropping snippets of my reviews in points while I'm transiting to/from work. Then when I reach home, I'll just insert the uploaded products photos into the post and open it up for viewing!

I hope that my reviews are helpful, please do make your presence known if you find it beneficial, and let me know if there're ways for me to improve on my blog posts.

As for this blog, it is really really meant for me to post up random, unrestricted topics that I felt like doing.. like now! Supposedly to be a post to announce my mini review series, yet I strayed off-topic in between the paragraphs of this post.. hope that you're able to stay with me and not get all confused..

FYI - I seems to have quite regular readers who came straight to this URL.. how do I know? the blog provides some simple stats, and it shows that out of 100% of viewers/visits, 40% is direct request.

Very interesting thing for me to find out.. but it also makes me felt even more curious of the audience of my blog here at BlogSpirit.

Shout out to me ok?! 

Especially if you are one of those that pops in directly and not those who found me via links, search engines.


OK, enough of blabber for now.. wana continue with some video editing and hopefully, can post up a video showing how I put on my makeup soon!




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Sunday, 18 March 2012

LINE App by Naver

I believe most iphone and Android users are not unfarmiliar with the cost saving app called Whatsapp.
Some might have also used this other app for quite some time.

So... what am I talking about??

It's none other than LINE by Naver!


They have even released the desktop versions for Mac & Windows, plus tablet version too!
Download it here!


When you use it on phone, its tied to your phone number and detects/links your contacts (you've gotta add them manually/import it into LINE contact list).

i3btB8PxiQwGy_6Kw6z4z9pG0pvkjqc1QKvR0jcH9n0k64y9RUHNsCQlc5q6jEGpbFw BAz3oz4_XCEqlwAYgQf-rZDfaUJGH2BcbN3sjfcMen2NkUFwoAbaFwnBT2jVSYxY8w

I just downloaded it to my netbook and it looks similar to how MSN pops up, but the same interface as how it looks like on your phone! It can make calls, one-to-one chat & group chat!



The same goes to the available stickers, emoticons and emoji! Which is my FAVOURITE feature of LINE!

Their selection of emoji, emoticons and specifically stickers are my FAVE!!!! SOOOOOooooooo CUTE! And many of the expressions and actions as portrayed by these emoticons/emoji/stickers are very much related to our daily life! Hence the ease of not using much words over a messenger, yet achieve the objective of sending the intended messages across.

I've captured some screenies of these cute stickers/emoticons/emoji below: 

Conventional but pre-set facial expressions made of traditional symbols on keyboards!
Super cute actions-represented stickers are found in this series!

This white little guy series of stickers can simply get you bursting into laughter just by viewing it; you'll sure find 1 that's able to express how you feel, what you're doing or wana do from this series.

This girly stickers also provide many actions / activities and expression for you to express yourself 

My favourite feature: Emojis that are SUPER CUTE!!

Tell me now, AREN'T YOU LIKING IT ALREADY?? Say yes!! I bet you do!! hahaha

*eh-hem* Too excited already~ XD

Get yours now!!! Start exressing what yourself with all these cute little emoji/stickers/kaoji now!



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Monday, 16 January 2012

[Product Review] Silky Girl Moisture Max Lipstick & Gloss-on Lipcolour


I've finally posted my review of the lipsticks from Silky Girl cosmetics!

These are among my current favourites apart from the Maybelline Watershine Diamonds lipsticks which I possess.

Please check it out at:

















Check it out and leave me your feedback~!! =)


Thursday, 22 December 2011

About Baviphat's Bavi Girl Lollipop Lipgloss!!

Hey everyone~

I've been dilligently updating my Review Blog and today, I've just posted up a min review on the Bavi Girl Lollipop lipgloss!


Check it out here:



I was using this gloss today for my makeup and I've been using it for so long.. that I just realised that it has gotten so much "shorter" than before.

Hence I decided to post my review up before I finish off both of them! yea.. there is 2 which I've bought.



Thursday, 08 December 2011

Introducing... My Makeup-Craze Blog~!!

Hey everyone~

I'm so glad that you popped-in here, although I'm not very sure how.. But then again, I wish to share with you that I have finally set-up and dedicated one of my blogs (I've got three including this) to rant and rave about my obssession about Beauty / Makeup / Cosmetics and Health products!

If you share the same interests as me, catch me here and exchange your views with me!

Spot me:



Wednesday, 07 December 2011

About Daiso | Always $2!!

Hey people~

As I've started to blog more actively over at my Health & Beauty Blog, I guess it is only beneficial for me to share with you the posts too!

In this post, I am sharing about all the items (at least as much as I am able to "capture" them on camera) which I've gotten from Daiso. Check it out!!

FYI - I believe Daiso is quite popular in Asia where it is like a neighbourhood "Dollar store" where items sold are relatively cheap, and in this case, it is all priced at SGD2.00.

There were lotsa items which were value for money and almost every trip there I would end up getting something. Of course, there are times where it was planned for.. but then.. XD sometimes temptation sets in and some items are bought on impulse.