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Sunday, 18 March 2012

LINE App by Naver

I believe most iphone and Android users are not unfarmiliar with the cost saving app called Whatsapp.
Some might have also used this other app for quite some time.

So... what am I talking about??

It's none other than LINE by Naver!


They have even released the desktop versions for Mac & Windows, plus tablet version too!
Download it here!


When you use it on phone, its tied to your phone number and detects/links your contacts (you've gotta add them manually/import it into LINE contact list).

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I just downloaded it to my netbook and it looks similar to how MSN pops up, but the same interface as how it looks like on your phone! It can make calls, one-to-one chat & group chat!



The same goes to the available stickers, emoticons and emoji! Which is my FAVOURITE feature of LINE!

Their selection of emoji, emoticons and specifically stickers are my FAVE!!!! SOOOOOooooooo CUTE! And many of the expressions and actions as portrayed by these emoticons/emoji/stickers are very much related to our daily life! Hence the ease of not using much words over a messenger, yet achieve the objective of sending the intended messages across.

I've captured some screenies of these cute stickers/emoticons/emoji below: 

Conventional but pre-set facial expressions made of traditional symbols on keyboards!
Super cute actions-represented stickers are found in this series!

This white little guy series of stickers can simply get you bursting into laughter just by viewing it; you'll sure find 1 that's able to express how you feel, what you're doing or wana do from this series.

This girly stickers also provide many actions / activities and expression for you to express yourself 

My favourite feature: Emojis that are SUPER CUTE!!

Tell me now, AREN'T YOU LIKING IT ALREADY?? Say yes!! I bet you do!! hahaha

*eh-hem* Too excited already~ XD

Get yours now!!! Start exressing what yourself with all these cute little emoji/stickers/kaoji now!



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