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Wednesday, 23 February 2005

I'm Back!! And moving out SOon... (from tripod blog)

Mood:  cheeky
Hey Guyz!!

If you are ever here before... or happen to be around.. kinda sorry... that I din update this bloggy thingy often as I find it getting slower and slower..

I am moving out of this blog, as you can see that I have moved my site out, the blog and guestbook is coming along... but time would be needed to transfer all these shit..

Anyway, here's a quick update:

Jun 2004 >> got into this Monastery and worked as a admin exec doing almost anything possible... long hours, wasted weekends... but was quite happy with the people and place until the truth of everything dawned on me...
Nov 2004 >> I left, jobless AGAIN... haha.. that's life!

Jan-Feb 2005 >> contract worker... happily enjoying my days with ncs... nice place, full of funnies and smileys (people)... then thought that I am graduating soon... (my part time dip in HRM) so started looking for HR job... if cant find, then will hang around current place for few more months..
Who knows I was ever so lucky to have met this promising boss... and was even eager to have me start working the next day after interview??
Then it became sad that my contract is ending on 31st MArch, guess what? The company still accepts me!! they will wait for my release!! I have never felt so valued living to this age!! hahaha... really hope that this time round, I have found the "perfect" boss!!

But now... I'm still graduating this year... but kenna postponed.... I failed 1 re-exam for ONE BLOODY MODULE... and gotta remodule... will be taking the LAST exam this Aug... IF NOT FOR THIS SHITTY MODULE(Which I even bother to study!!!!!!), I could have just take my last 2 papers in APril and end this whole course!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just the thot of the extra $$$ that I would need to invest in... makes me mad!!!

Let's just pray that my new job in HR is gonna be $$ making and fulfilling!!

**** END OF UPDATE ****

Guyz!! All the best to ya-all!! Go for it! Whatever you wanna pursue! Pull through and you will find yourself there in no time!!


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