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Saturday, 10 June 2006


First time ever in my 22 years of life, I was down with MC due to back pain -- caused by strained muscle in lower back. strangely, right after that, I was down with tocilitis (not sure if it's spelled like this) -- infection of the tonsils, which caused me pain even when I swallow my saliva! It's not just some kind of sore throat, according to my Doc, it's infectious! Particularly so when it comes with fever.. I was debarred from work... TT-TT when there was so much things to do! (like its anything out of the ordinary) Well, in the aspect of work, its more like physically you are sick, but you feel that your brain is still functioning, you can sort of still carry on with work! I felt 'helpless' and exasperated in a way...

BUT! I really do appreciate and was rejoicing over the 'leave' given! Hahaha... quoting what my mum says, "those who are 'capable' gets more work on them, it's time for 'her' to do some things" SEE: At work - someone suffered...

Anyway, the back pain triggered my train of thoughts -- what have I done to my body???

I did some soul-searching and found out that I really am guilty of causing myself PAIN. Before I started working, swimming was always part of my weekly routine, but as I grew older, I sort of do away with it... With work, and my tendency to become a workaholic, I stopped swimming completely -- once in a blue moon was what went on for the past 3-4 years.

*Heh heh* I went for a swim yesterday, despite the cursed weather. I was planning to go on Tuesday as I was on leave, but it started raining from morning till evening! And when the rain started since morning again yesterday, I was like "what the ****?! of all times and days its gotta be my swimming day!!??!!?" Well well, glad that all went well! *YEA!* heh heh, felt so good to feel the sore in my muscles (I always like that feeling!) I know, you may think that I am perverted... well my mum and my conclusion is that I am a weirdo to a certain extend... which is GREAT! Hahaha... being unique is fine with me, I prefer to be different, in a beneficial way.

Well.. just, lao bao exclaimed "WAH! You have a BLOG?! x3" ye ye ye.. I have one ok?! And 'tis the new one! I just didn't have time (lazy) to update it daily, once a week is already amazing...

hmm... KPOP is trying to catch my attention... well, gotta go... Annyoung!

I swam, FS.Rain

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