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Saturday, 03 February 2007

Job Hunting!!

Job hunting again!

Actually it's very sad to be looking out for another job. But after such a long time... well, not that it is very long, only 1yr and 2 months.. But after going through the performance review with the supervisor of my department (whom I have never deemed as some one worthy of the position) and spending some time thinking through, I know that I have to put my thoughts into actions already. There is no more need to wait and see and anticipate the outcome of the alignment.

Afterall, it is a great company in view of its structure, culture, vision. BUT, it is managed by people. With people, it can get personal and objectives may not remain while visions are blurred...

I really learned alot on how organization works and am very very glad to know that the founders/leaders of this organization were great people who were once alive, and have headed this company through the numerous years that it's been around. It's a pity that this office is not headed like how it was by them. I am inspired by their management philosophies. I am sure and confident that whatever that I have read up about them and their philosophies will follow me through my life.

I believe in learning from others, be it their mistakes, or their experience, because you, as an individual can only make that limited number of mistakes and experience that amount of life. But when you gather information shared by others, especially those pioneers and great persons out there, you are actually ridding on an express train.

Experience is extremely valuable. The older the wiser. We ought to learn whatever we can. But not to underestimate the things which you can also learn from the young and innocent. Sometimes, as we grow up, we may forget certain values and lessons in life, but the young ones who are just stepping out into the world are experiencing the time of their life. From them, you get to look back in time, and remember who you were in the past...

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