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Friday, 01 June 2007

While watching VCD...

Last night, well, actually it's in the wee hours of this morning, all three of us were still in the living room watching this JDrama series when in the midst of watching, things happened:

Right at the corner of my eyes, where I can see both Xiu and Bao who were siting diagonally across my right, I saw the two of them raising their arms. Both raised their arms together spontaneously! Just as I thought it was strange of them to raise one of their arms for no reason, I had a glimpse of something in their hands... its one slipper in each hand!!

I turned my head to look at them clearly, true enough, they were indeed holding their arms up with a slipper in each of their hands, in a stance like that of one who is aiming to hit something. ITS SO FUNNY!! I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING!!

Hahaha, well, its all because of the little bug that flew past them (which I missed noticing) and its just their reflexes against such flying bugs!! But its so funny!! What's even better was the bug-hitting-show that was put-up when the bug flew down towards one of them and all hell break loose.. Armed with a slipper in their hands, they sprang from the floor and were swatting at the bug and at one point, the bug went 'blurred' and headed for Xiu's slipper, and then goes a 'thud-thud', down goes the bug after being hit Xiu and then bounced off the wall before landing on the floor.

Victory for the spontaneous bug busters!!

Trust me... if only I can paint the picture... it is really hilarious!!


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