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Sunday, 18 February 2007

Reading through the earlier posts

I came upon my 1st blog hosted by Tripod, there were quite a few entries (comparing it with the 2nd version hosted by dreambooks), so I decided to shift it over to this blog.

While shifting the entries, I realised that I was kinda "crazy" when I posted those entries. I gues I was still having great passions in exploring Web Designing and such... Then, I quited my course in Biomedical Science after completing the 2nd year, started working and went on part-time studies to obtain a diploma in Human Resource Management. I have yet went through much changing of jobs...

Now, 4 years from then (2003), I guess the fuel for the flame of passion in webbies almost ran out, am glad that I realised what I have done to the Flame. I think its always good to go steady and not rush in head first. From the working experiences, I truly learned more about how I work, how I do things. Now, I am telling myself, while you are adding fuel to your engines, you need to ensure that you do not over fill it, prevent the spills, maintain the engines and ensure that it's performing at its optimum, but not over its limits. Also, never put in too much personal feelings into the things that you do, you tend to get too personal and may deter your own progress in the event that there are any disappointments. Especially so if you know that you tend to have high hopes and expectations in most things that you do.

Well, after reflecting upon myself, I have once again, brought myself back to the path from which I almost got stranded.

Slowly, I told myself, I shall keep the flame burning, allowing it to slowly grow stronger as each day passes. One day, it shall be as strong as that in a fireplace, and it shall bring in much warmth and comfort along with the hope and light!

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That's funny, one of my previous comments is no more... hm... Ah well, will keep this visit short; my PC's sound card is not working, am thinking of ways to salvage the situation... T.T Ai....

Posted by: ME-nako | Sunday, 04 March 2007

P.S. Oei! What's with the extended "-chaan" after my name? >.

Posted by: Minako | Sunday, 04 March 2007


Which comment was it?
Perhaps you didn't exactly post it up?
what's with the 'Me' in the 'me-nako'?

Posted by: Fangru | Friday, 09 March 2007

ME-nako lor! What else? Haha... Oei, your english bloggings are few and far in between leh... I kantang leh... read english one more leh~ >.

Posted by: Me! nako | Saturday, 07 April 2007

Me-nako Chaan,

Well, you know it... I don't own any PC ya know?
I shall try to frequent my postings...
Anyway, I still prefer for you to drop by my wretch la...
That, is more interesting...

Posted by: Fangru | Monday, 09 April 2007

Just popped into your WRETCH album... Okay, you were right, there ARE a lot of pictures... ^.^

And P.S. I didn't know that the picture was going to turn out okay... XP

Posted by: MEEEEEEEE-nako | Saturday, 14 April 2007


You talking about which picture?
Btw, I find that I have very few pictures of you ya know?
Time for me to stock up! Your Pics! Li Yan's too!!

Posted by: Fangru | Saturday, 21 April 2007

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