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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

February 2007

It's the end of February!! And just prior to that, prior to the long break of Chinese New Year, I found a job, and I tendered my resignation!!

Friends, I know what most of you would be saying... "WHAT? You're changing job again?! Job-hopping No Good!" ... -_-;;

If you have known me well enough... you would have known that it is very very hard for me to stay in a job when I know too well that its not suitable for me. Also, bear in mind that from year 2003 - 2005, I had been studying and working at the same time. Not to forget that at that point of time, I was switching from my career path from the 'sciences' to 'human resources management', hence was trying very VERY hard to catch a job in HR. Little do I know that HR vacancies appear periodically, and I mean PERIODICALLY. Not like there are my HR jobs around at any one time. Most of the times you will get to see Sales positions, accounts, and for the past few years, Engineering jobs...

So that period of time, I was literally taking up any job that I can settle in to fit my study needs and allow me to contribute to my family income. (I don't come from a wealthy, not even from the average earning income group coz.... well, not very convenient to blurt it all out...) Anyway, I was really 'young' then, and wasn't that confident of my capabilities in HRM, though I am very experienced in Admin. So I wasn't really asking for what I should be getting.

It was until now, or at least 2 years back that I covered all aspects of HR, and am very sure of what I know and what I don't that i know of my market value. Some things comes with age and experience. I am grateful that somehow, I had the opportunity to start work at a younger age. Sometimes, I think that being ignorant till an older age is a bliss, too...

Anyway, back to the subject... - Switching job

I am moving on to a charitable organization. My second one thus far in my working life. The first was in a monastery. With the most recent lessons learnt (through this current job in a reputable 'MNC'), and with the incorporation of my plans for the next 2-5 years, this new job allow me to have slightly more pay than the current, more time to sleep as I will be working from 9am-5pm Mon to Fri, and 9am to 1pm on Sat and it is closer to home as compared to the current, and it is accessible by train. I realised that I favor travelling by train as the timing will not be too hectic to predict. Also, the new workplace is very close to central, great location to meet up with family and friends for dinners, outings, shopping spree after work! Also, if you do realise, I am ending work early, that gives me more time for my personal life, which really fit into my plan -- to save enough money and have the time to pursue a degree! Mind you guys, I am not a graduate, although most people whom I know at work thought so. With work and the experiences, I find that there is just not enough knowledge in me academically...

Also, after going through the 'idol-chasing' in Jan, I am determined to visit Taiwan in October this year. Setting this goal will conincidentally give me more 'push' to fullfill my other goal -- LOSING WEIGHT AND LOSING EXTRA 'FLUB'!

Wish me all the luck in all areas of life!


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