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Saturday, 21 July 2007

'Waking-up' in the Morning to work

While walking towards the front of the platform to wait for my train (morning routine to work), I saw this lady who stood very close to the doors and was talking on phone. Not that she was particularly good-figured, or that she's a great beauty, but I just happen to notice her because she stood so close to the door? I think? Anyway, she was dressed in black top and bottoms, but I didn't managed to note if she's young or middle age... But I just noticed her.

Why? I'm sure that you who are reading is wondering, that I am talking about this someone who has no significance to whoever... haha... here goes the actual point that I am trying to make:

As I walk towards the front of the platform, while I was closing the distance between that particular lady-in-black-standing-near-door, I saw something scurried up her back... "EH>?! Did I SEE something? I did!!! I looked carefully and to my extreme HORROR, I saw a cockaroach around 2 inch in length crawling up her back!!!" O~O

My oh my.... many thoughts flashed passed, and I was already detouring and moving towards the lady before I realise it. The next thing that I know is that I am already at her back and she is still talking on the phone (note: I had my music plugged to my ears, I didn't catch what she was talking on the phone nor had the time to look at her if she noticed my presence through the reflection on the glass doors).

At that point, serveral solutions to this 'creepy' situation came to thought, and I felt the adrenaline rush (the famous flight or fight reaction to prepare for action, natural response from the human body... It felt good!!! Heh heh...). "Should I just tell her and walk off? Tap her shoulders get her attention? No!! Ah!! Kroach-san is already at her shoulders! Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!! Ah crap! Grab the feelers and throw it to the floor and stomp till its dead? Yucks! What if it attack me before I can touch its long feelers? And why the hell do I wanna get in touch with that disgusting Kroach??!!! Urgh!! Ok, swat at it!! But I've got no newspapers not slippers! Also, I'll be hitting the lady in the process of gettting Kroach-san... OR I should swat it with my plastic bag? But then I wouldn't be able to eat my food (in the plastic bag).. Oh no! its heading for the neck!! Arh!!!!!!!"

Before I knew it, my right hand reached for Kroach-san!! Lucky me, I WOKE UP and instead of really going bare-handed to swat at Kroach-san, I sort of swat the air above it, hopefully alarming it to get it flying off to elsewhere (but not on me!!). Thanks to everything and anything at all, it flew off the lady's shoulders and onto the bottom of the door infront of the lady.

Seeing that, I was even contemplating if I should kill it with my heels... eh... heels aren't exactly good for aims... eh? It's crawling away? Okay lah, you can keep your disgusting life... I shall continue my morning routine...

With that I just walked off from the spot and headed to my targeted spot. Its only when I walked off, I wondered if I appeared to be a pervert doing strange things to a lady from the back? Or did I looked like the one who placed the kroach from viewers at the back? Did that suay lady noticed that I was swating at the kroach which was crawling up her back? Did she realised she was saved? Did she wondered if I was a pervert about to prance on her? ARGH!!!! Why am I only thinking about it after what happened??

Anyway... I was still really sleepy when I was coming down from the escalators, seeing that horrible Kroach-san really WOKE ME UP!!! Haha!! Though disgusted at the thought of seeing kroach on someone, and prayed really hard to NEVER happen on me, I felt great!! I did something applaudable, a kind deed... and I sort of felt that at times of crisis/emergency(?), I would not froze on the spot... I felt really good!! *^u^*


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Friday, 13 July 2007

Guilt-ridden confessions

I became aware of a fact - my boss has been working REAL HARD, real late (wee hours of the morning), even had work done at home...
As for myself, I have tons of work piling up, unable to finish during NORMAL working hours due to several meetings (with staff who walked-into my office and those scheduled ones) and other distractions. I did stay back quite frequently in attempt to complete some tasks, but its never possible to complete all that were 'due' for that day. With that, the vicious cycle of accumulation and tighter datelines kept coming back... STRESS is just one of the end/side products of such cycles.

Realisation brought back recollections of then, those times which I had just started work and was blindly putting in much time and effort with the many hours of OT to finish as many tasks as possible at work, while I was even studying part-time. That was also the period of time which I neglected the rest of the population of concern. Yet, those efforts weren't exactly appreciated. Thinking back, if I had been here with these great people in this current organization then, my efforts would have triggered satifying results and my 'spirit' may still linger. Now, I thought, I have made up my mind before ending the previous job, to not delve too much and indulge myself in work... This decision, is distrubing me, and costs me several restless nights filled with exhausting dreams, I think.

I would love to 'switch' back to my workaholic mode, but I am also afraid of the impending 'dooms' if I were to activate it. Energy is also one of my concerns, I felt old, somehow...

I guess, I need more time to think about this... More than I had expected...


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