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Thursday, 22 May 2008

New photos uploaded~ I'm back~!!

Hello hello~

e438a0a1ba05070b83d7d3b734ba28b8.jpgHave not pop-by for quite awhile, and I wonder how's everybody doing??
I have been gaming in GE for sometime... haha~ I've finally got a personal computer~!!!
But have not been updating my blogs or even my webbie which I have thought of updating/re-vamping since... god knows when... LOLx

Anyway, I have finally decided that I should resolve to the first thought that I had to lose my excess baggage several years ago.. and hence, right about 1 month ago, I started my accupuncture weight-loss programme.

Results seemed good so far. Lost 6KGs already, and the fats have been soften much more easily as compared to the previous time when I tried those commercial gimmicks~ Appetite well balanced now, and I'm not feeling any bad effects from the stress that I received from work that tended to affect my appeitite in those days..

But then, with this new diet that comes along with the accupuncture treatment, I got into some sort of mild constipation now and then, about 3 times thus far. According to the physician, its just simply due to the fact that you are not eating that much nor eating hard to digest food, and therefore, lesser work to be done by your lovely intestines and lesser motions within.. I really hate to feel bloated due to all these constipation hits~

Well well, damn glad that those pants which I've purchased prior to my treatment are now lose..
I really hope that my resolution for this new year will come true~

That is: GET A NEW & SEXY YOU~!!


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Haloo Ah-Fang, how are you? Time flies so fast when we're working! Hope to meet up with you again soon!

Posted by: | Tuesday, 17 June 2008

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