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Monday, 30 June 2008

Nothing's EZ~


Hmm.. to-date as weighed at home, should have lost like 10-11kgs. The fats are cooperating well and I have grown to love garnier even more as their bodyfit firming hydrating lotion really leave on a hydrated feel... so smooth~

This morning Polin Aunty came.. haha! We asked alot of qns, asked on career lah.. and for my case, its gonna be a life long uneven ride according to her, and thus "job-hopper" shall be thye name! We asked about love too~ Guess wat? Next year shall be when the peach blossoms luck bloom! Haha! At that instance, that gut feeling that I had to do something about my weight sort of makes sense now... wat? preparing for that someone's arrival? LOL

Anyway, I recalled the instance that I felt the urge and seriousness in my attitude to start getting aware of property came to mind. Its like then, I got serious because a Need is coming by... So we shall sit back and see if this is really how my body works... Giving out signals according to the Timing in Life.

Spoken a little more and there I found out that the way to a healthy body is not stopping at the weight problem. The root of problem lies on my stomach and digestive system. More work to do now that the aunty has w'orked it out' for me.

I believe, that aint gonna be EZ but Im sure I will pull it off quite well. Its gonna feel real good to accomplish the goals you've set an to proof something's right and so forth. I wana have a taste of that!

Bikini suit >>> shall be my christmas present for myself!

FS.Rain | Celsius
a.k.a. Fangru

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does garnier bodyfit firming hydrating lotion works really well, i just bought it, but im not sure if i bought the right stuff to lose some unwanted fat on my body. would u mind sharing
the infos on this product? would really appreciate if u reply it through my email.

thank you.
4th July 2009

Posted by: zurina | Saturday, 04 July 2009

Hi Zurina
Am dreadfully sorry that I only saw your comment like after 1 year?

In case you do drop by again... I would say that Garnier Firming Hydrating lotion works well in hydrating and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Am not that sure about the part on losing flabs though.

In any case, to really lose weight naturally without exercising, diet control is very important.

Most impt rule #1 is to have REGULAR MEALS do not skip any.

rule #2 is to have the heaviest meal at the begining of the day and eat lesser as it comes to the night.

rule #3 cut down on carbohydrates (processed ones like bread, cakes, eat more of less-processed / unprocessed carbs like rice, potato etc) and fatty food (fatty here can also include oily soups, creamy soups, pastry items etc), have more veggie and lean meat (fish & chicken)

rule #3 drink lots of water at a regular interval

rule #4 eat your fruits before your meals

rule #5 HAVE ENOUGH SLEEP AND REST!!! else you will upset your body systems and affect your metabolic rate too!

I can be contacted at msn: fangrus@hotmail.com if you wish to discuss this

Posted by: FS.Rain | Friday, 13 August 2010

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