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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Its my Bday!!


I took leave~ and slacked ard for my birthday~
Actually, last week somethings happened... luckily, I already applied for leave on these two days..
So when my ultimate limit is reached...
I took upon the chance, things really quite well timed on their own.. the agency called... I realised I really wana go.. and I have leave long applied.. so I went for the interview... and on my birthday today, I know I have secured a job...

Maybe, some times I really have this thought, my god-father is really looking after me.. Tua Pek Gong too~

Especially when I'm feeling down..
When I think I really need help..
I know they will definitely lend a helping hands and give me a nudge to correct my path~

Of course.. My most sturdy backing are my beloved ones~
They have always showered me with lotsa love~
Especially my mum, I think, without her love, I would not be who I am today..

My birthday, is actually a day my mum went into Labour~ into PAIN
Its a suffering for her, but a joy to me~
I'm brought into this world, and showered with love.

I just have this thought, Birthdays should always be celebrated with the ones who loves you and especially the one that brings you into this world.

Let's be grateful and start appreciating people around you if you haven't even realise what you have missed so far...
Cherish them before you lose them...

Time don't fly, Time just never come back~


PS: Recently I kinda like the way ppl call my IGN>> Rez ^0^

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