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Thursday, 18 December 2008


Y2008 is ending soon and I think it's about time to really draw up a plan
or a list of things which I want to accomplish:

Top 3
1) Lose Flabs~
2) Get a Degree
3) Get a Class 2B/A license

and the list goes like...

4) Improved health via proper exercise regime [Swimming x 2, Home Exercise
x 3]
5) Library Trips>>Habitual Reading (News/Gossips/Fictions/Non-Fictions)
6) *heh* Regular Housekeeping
7) Monthly Drinking Activity
8) Quarterly Friends Meeting
9) Taiwan Trip x 2
10) Chill-out trip x 2

Ain't got enough time now to elaborate..
Hope that tonight this could be done proper!


PS: recently known as Rez / Ruru

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