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Wednesday, 03 June 2009

Wow~ Mid 2009 Already!

Wow Wow WOW!!

This is SO FAST! It's already JUNE!! MY GOSH!
When did this happen??? O-O??????

Hahaha.. anyway... just wana jot some stuff down and monitor how I spent my time..

1) Meet-ups~~ and much much fun!! (hee hee.. for me to know for you to find out)
2) Belly Dance! (wef 16May09) Real FUN!!
3) Yahoo Chat (MORE FUN!!!) hahaha~
4) Shopping~ bought 1-2 pair of jeans, some Polo, some nice nice undergarments and camisoles!
5) Self-discovery~ umm... there seems to be always more to find out about myself.. interesting...
6) MASSAGE~~ huhuhuhu!! I strongly reccomend 'The House of Traditional Javanese Massage", check them out at www.javanesemassage.com
7) Drinking~~ haha, recently find that Palong Bar in Hotel Rendezvous very good place to drink and chill.. soft background music, comfy couch seats and got TV for those who loves to watch soccer matches.. GREAT Place to try out.

Well well.. hope that things go well and I get to enjoy more fun, more happiness and much more bonding time together with people whom I value so much!


PS: I should be finding time to review all those massage trials that I tried.. and also the drinks that I've taken before.. coz I may forget... haha I mean the drinks! I love cocktails... hope to get a bar tender cum masseur for a boy friend! hahaha~ Anyone? LOLx

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