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Friday, 30 December 2011

I found a Myers-Briggs Personality Test (free)

Just wana share with all this site that provides a simple and free Myers-Briggs test:


Some brief definitions of the Myers-Briggs types:
Myers-briggs, personality test, definitions, personality, free online personality test 




Mine is a:

ENFJ: "Pedagogue". Outstanding leader of groups. Can be aggressive at helping others be the best that they can be. 5% of the total population.

I did it many years back when I was in secondary.. somehow I think it is now different..

Give a try! XD


Thursday, 22 December 2011

About Baviphat's Bavi Girl Lollipop Lipgloss!!

Hey everyone~

I've been dilligently updating my Review Blog and today, I've just posted up a min review on the Bavi Girl Lollipop lipgloss!


Check it out here:



I was using this gloss today for my makeup and I've been using it for so long.. that I just realised that it has gotten so much "shorter" than before.

Hence I decided to post my review up before I finish off both of them! yea.. there is 2 which I've bought.



Saturday, 10 December 2011

MakeupGeek's Weekly Challenge: Water For Elephants


I've finally submitted my inspired look for this challenged organized by Marlena and Team on MakeUpGeek.com

Here are my photos which I've submitted:

MUG, makeupgeek, weekly challenge, water for elephants MUG, makeupgeek, weekly challenge, water for elephants 

MUG, makeupgeek, weekly challenge, water for elephantsMUG, makeupgeek, weekly challenge, water for elephants


and below are the pictures of the Reese Witherspoons in the movie Water for Elephants:




So what do you think? Comment, rate and tell me your views! XD



Thursday, 08 December 2011

Introducing... My Makeup-Craze Blog~!!

Hey everyone~

I'm so glad that you popped-in here, although I'm not very sure how.. But then again, I wish to share with you that I have finally set-up and dedicated one of my blogs (I've got three including this) to rant and rave about my obssession about Beauty / Makeup / Cosmetics and Health products!

If you share the same interests as me, catch me here and exchange your views with me!

Spot me:



Wednesday, 07 December 2011

About Daiso | Always $2!!

Hey people~

As I've started to blog more actively over at my Health & Beauty Blog, I guess it is only beneficial for me to share with you the posts too!

In this post, I am sharing about all the items (at least as much as I am able to "capture" them on camera) which I've gotten from Daiso. Check it out!!

FYI - I believe Daiso is quite popular in Asia where it is like a neighbourhood "Dollar store" where items sold are relatively cheap, and in this case, it is all priced at SGD2.00.

There were lotsa items which were value for money and almost every trip there I would end up getting something. Of course, there are times where it was planned for.. but then.. XD sometimes temptation sets in and some items are bought on impulse.