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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

PICK!! Instagram/Tumblr Alternative from Naver Japan

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I stumbled upon this app in Google Play and simply downloaded it coz I just love the way LINE works, LINE camera is very fun too and now I saw Pick!

pick, naver japan, pick naver, tumblr, instagram, photo posting, social networking site,

It is very much like Instagram/Tumblr (according to many people coz I've used neither before), you post up photos with short comments, but EVEN BETTER!! You get to use over 500 stamps, frames, tools and settings to decorate your photos and express yourself! Make a Picture PAINT a thousand words, and that's what I think PICK actually does!

It's time for you to try it out! I've even went to it's browser page (http://pick.naver.jp/) and it kinda reminds me of Google+ page, which I'm already liking alot! The web browser page/app actually allows interactivity between users and the web browser page could be customised using the available "skins" / template designs or you can upload your own!

I have mine here: http://naver.jp/fsrain

pick, naver japan, pick naver, tumblr, instagram, photo posting, social networking site,

Leave a comment if you have anything to share with me on pick, or just anything else basically!!

Enjoy picking!!


Monday, 06 August 2012

Wedding Bouquet - it lands on you...

When I came across this article:



It brought back a memory of a recent event which I attended with my guy >> his friends' wedding.


Honestly, somehow at this point in life I know I'm not ready not even wanting to think about another phase of life. Yes, every girl does somehow day dream about such things somehow.. For my case, I'm kinda not that "brave" yet..

Then, during the event, the bouquet of the bride simply came tumbling into our laps! Me n my guy, where we were idyllicly sitting around not keen to participate in the "catch the bouquet".


At that instant I had very mixed feelings gushing around, happy, puzzled, horrified (shan't explain why XP), stunned, and.. In bliss.


That moment sort of makes me realised side of the feelings I had, some of the random thoughts I had, some of the foretold fortune I heard and definitely, have me confidence to whatever that might come along the way.

I know, I knew it all along... =)


Puzzled yet Happy,


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New Camera Purchase!!

Originally Posted on: http://fsrain.pixnet.net/blog/post/37874129

Hi hi people!!

I know I know, I was kinda M.I.A (aka missing in action) for quite awhile overhere.. but what can I do? Being busy at work and in my personal life sometimes could be a good thing..

More or less this month's gonna be even more crazy at work and before I forget about my little blogSpirit, I wana make a print over here to say a "Hi/Hello!" to my quiet readers here!

Just earlier today I popped into my Gmarke|Qoo10 account to check on my review and couldn't help but searched for a Samsung Camera which I really wanted to have.. I found it and it was such a good price I couldn't resist!! To find out more about my purchase, follow the above link! I have also linked the product page if you also wish to get one for yourself!

So for now.. while I wait for mine to arrive, perhaps you could share with me what you have! I mean which camera are you using? How do you like it?

My old trusty camera is also from Samsung, very old model ES17, cost me SGD145 (with mini tripod, 8GB SDcard, lens cleaning kit, cover, rechargeable battery set) if I didn't remember wrong. Its using 2 double A batteries and had once fallen from 2nd Storey of a buidling but survived it till now.

It's really a great camera to have consider that it's very sturdy, fall-proof and battery can be bought from any stores. super convenient for travelling! 3x optical zoon, ISO1600 (light sensitivity if Im not mistaken), 12.2 megapixels with lots of shooting options, honestly, I am really satisfied with it!

samsung, camera, digital camera, qoo10, gmarket, online shopping, great deals, cheap buys, affordable camera,


Well.. if not for the fact that I am so tech-crazed (apart from makeup/beauty-crazed), so so excited and enthusiastic about the latest gadgets and stuff like that, I would just keep to my trusty old camera and along with my Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 to capture all the beautiful shots and videos!

That's how I started getting "hooked" to the camera that has a front LCD where I can pose and shoot my self-portraits with instant preview of my shots!

Having said so much.. let's just wait till my new camera arrive!

I bet its gonna be one of my best gadgets for travel and capturing all the precious moments in life with my family and friends!

Check back again for my camera update!