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Monday, 14 May 2007


I had been terribly immensed in the world of Fan Fiction!!
http://www.fanfiction.net has tons of fabulous fics! I was really kinda addicted..

In the begining, I was only browsing, surfing the net. Was interested to find out more on HaJi of Blood+. So I found the site. Started reading... and couldn't stop. My thirst and hunger for more has never been so intense!
Well, that is, in the first place you have to really enjoy reading and getting yourself sucked into the fictional world, a world that is within your imagination!!

From there, I sported fics for Gokusen. The more I read, the stronger the urge to read the manga and watch the anime!! Coz the fics that I really enjoyed were those crossing and extracting/developed from portions of the anime, manga and JDrama. Of coz, I visualise with the faces of the Jdrama... coz the glimpse of the anime characters kind of got me a little disappointed..

All in all, I was glad that I know this language, and that there are wonderful folks out there with great writing skills and creative minds, yet generous enough to put their thoughts down to share with the rest of us out there. THANK YOU!!

There are quite a few fics that I really wana reccomend, but my eyes are failing me now... soon they will black-out, so I guess I shall do that in the next post.

 PS: SF, Sorrie!! I really got too carried away with work and everything else (fics too)... I better not make any promise to send you the photos le... hope that I get to do it this weeken bah..


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