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Friday, 09 March 2007

For Bro

For Lao Bao:

The same blood flows within us. But there's a temper that you tend to throw. Be it consiously or sub-consiously.

I was once, hot-headed, bad tempered, unreasonable (as per Lao Xiu), but it's all past.

Those were the days of adolescent? Teenage years? Or just a phase of puberty where our hormones rule.

You gotta control the tone of your voice when you speak. You should know that I do not throw temper or show attitude for no reason. If I started off with a normal tone of voice, and a reply/retort was displeasingly thrown back at me, I will flare up. It's Simple, I will respect one who respect himself/herself. As a family, we should be appreciative of one another. DO NOT take each family member for granted. For now, we are together. Till then, we do not know. If one day we are to part... Regrets are the last thing we want to remember for the rest of our lives.

Also, although you are still young, but our parents are no longer considered 'young'. The time that we have now, we may not have it in the next few years. Coz then, we shall be pursuing our careers, or you may wish to settle down and start a new family. It is now that you have the right timing and chance to cherish the time that we can spend with our family.

Communication is VERY IMPORTANT. We will not know what you are thinking till you vocalise it. Why so? Coz you have not been communicating to us much. You spend more time with your friends, and you have already made it clear to us that you would prefer to do that. It is ultimately your decision, but still, you need to voice out. Keeping things in you does not help in perfecting or better our family members' relationship with one another.

 Everyone's effort goes a long way. I have experienced it myself, I have done it myself, that is why today we are how we are. Try to recall how things were before the 1997... was it the same?

Then, as I remember, you were close to Lao Xiu as play mates, to me, I'm not sure if you even realise and respect me for who I am - your sis. Was mum and dad in the list of your concern? Was I part of your worries? I think, at that point, PLAYING & HAVING FUN was filling up your mind, your heart and your soul.

Everyone makes mistakes. I love to indulge in the videos / articles of those people (those Male species) whom I adore. I believe that everyone loves to indulge in things/people they like, things/people they love, and it's the same with me and you. If you need to catch my attention, you have to learn to catch it. To emphasize on the main points.

You can do anything if you put in the effort to get it done. To expect something from me or anyone else, I believe that it is equivalent to you doing it to us. Remember the old saying?

"Do unto others, what you want others to do unto you."

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