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Friday, 13 August 2010

August 2010 >> Birthday coming!!

Wow wow wow!!

It's fast!! This is like one year apart from my last post!! 

Hahaha.. the reason that I'm here is actually my 'worry' about what I posted on my blogs! Now that employers does good reference checks, it also means that they may do a random search on our online profiles, track our activities and behavior in these portals/blogs/sites.

I was about to sleep.. but had to re-register my ibanking token... *SIGH* somehow it was lost hence the replacement, and hence the re-registration and etc.

Anyway, it is this time of the year (mine is not scheduled, rather impromptu and perhaps mood-dependant) that I start looking back and forth wondering what I have done all these while and what I have yet achieve or had been joyfully slacking around by pushing back some plans and living in my own world of Fantasy...

All's well~ just that one of my girlfriends is getting married and walla~ Her wedding day is just next month! I thought I had like more than a year to slim down.. hahaha~

Hmm.. now that my birthday is around the corner, I just can't help feeling the 'aging' signs catching up on me.

Once again, I look forward to my birthday and every other adventure (challenges/obstacles) moving ahead! ^v^

I still remember when I was still a little girl so small so petite that I can sit at the front seat of my dad's car (we used to be not so tight-in-finances) that I can't see the scenary that's moving along outside the vehicle.. so eager to stand up and take in the stunning views waiting to be uncovered.. but I was stopped by my Dad, saying "It's dangerous! Sit down girl~" aaah.. those were the days... still fresh in my memory as it it were yesterday.


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