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Tuesday, 03 January 2012

New Year Resolutions - 2012


I never really wanted to post this nor even make a list due to many reasons.. However, I wanted to take part in the giveaway organized by Michelle Phan, hence here it is!

  1. Improve my health via better lifestyle - sufficient sleep (7-8hours)
  2. Established major milestones in my Career
  3. Establish my blog presence and also produce better reviews in YouTube & my Pixnet blog by providing enriching & informative viewing experience for my cyber visitors!
May all our dreams come true!
Have a great year in 2012!!

Sunday, 01 January 2012

Count down to 2012 @ Anchorvale ^0^

It was a peaceful evening before we took a little stroll towards our neighbourhood count down event at the Anchorvale community centre.

We were sort of just in time for the fire works display and I have managed to capture it in video so that I can share it with all of you!


How was your year in 2011?
I hope that it shall be a great year in 2012 where our wishes comes true and may health & happiness be with us all!


Friday, 30 December 2011

I found a Myers-Briggs Personality Test (free)

Just wana share with all this site that provides a simple and free Myers-Briggs test:


Some brief definitions of the Myers-Briggs types:
Myers-briggs, personality test, definitions, personality, free online personality test 




Mine is a:

ENFJ: "Pedagogue". Outstanding leader of groups. Can be aggressive at helping others be the best that they can be. 5% of the total population.

I did it many years back when I was in secondary.. somehow I think it is now different..

Give a try! XD


Thursday, 22 December 2011

About Baviphat's Bavi Girl Lollipop Lipgloss!!

Hey everyone~

I've been dilligently updating my Review Blog and today, I've just posted up a min review on the Bavi Girl Lollipop lipgloss!


Check it out here:



I was using this gloss today for my makeup and I've been using it for so long.. that I just realised that it has gotten so much "shorter" than before.

Hence I decided to post my review up before I finish off both of them! yea.. there is 2 which I've bought.



Thursday, 08 December 2011

Introducing... My Makeup-Craze Blog~!!

Hey everyone~

I'm so glad that you popped-in here, although I'm not very sure how.. But then again, I wish to share with you that I have finally set-up and dedicated one of my blogs (I've got three including this) to rant and rave about my obssession about Beauty / Makeup / Cosmetics and Health products!

If you share the same interests as me, catch me here and exchange your views with me!

Spot me:



Wednesday, 07 December 2011

About Daiso | Always $2!!

Hey people~

As I've started to blog more actively over at my Health & Beauty Blog, I guess it is only beneficial for me to share with you the posts too!

In this post, I am sharing about all the items (at least as much as I am able to "capture" them on camera) which I've gotten from Daiso. Check it out!!

FYI - I believe Daiso is quite popular in Asia where it is like a neighbourhood "Dollar store" where items sold are relatively cheap, and in this case, it is all priced at SGD2.00.

There were lotsa items which were value for money and almost every trip there I would end up getting something. Of course, there are times where it was planned for.. but then.. XD sometimes temptation sets in and some items are bought on impulse.

Friday, 14 October 2011


Hmm.. I just realised that again, I have left this place abandoned... for a super long time!!
Honestly, I have forgotten about it until most recently.. and I am thinking if I wana maintain this.. and how..
I have 2 other chinese blogs that are also long-forgotten/neglected + there's facebook and twitter to make things simpler and I signed up for google+ recently.. I wonder if it is even manageable .. o-O?

Anyways, have popped by to say HI~~~ hahaha.. I was re-inspired to revist my virtual life as I was helping my little sister to source for webhost/domain host and kinda felt the urge to come back.

Let's see.. how long it's going to take me.. to make a come back! =)


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Thursday, 22 May 2008

New photos uploaded~ I'm back~!!

Hello hello~

e438a0a1ba05070b83d7d3b734ba28b8.jpgHave not pop-by for quite awhile, and I wonder how's everybody doing??
I have been gaming in GE for sometime... haha~ I've finally got a personal computer~!!!
But have not been updating my blogs or even my webbie which I have thought of updating/re-vamping since... god knows when... LOLx

Anyway, I have finally decided that I should resolve to the first thought that I had to lose my excess baggage several years ago.. and hence, right about 1 month ago, I started my accupuncture weight-loss programme.

Results seemed good so far. Lost 6KGs already, and the fats have been soften much more easily as compared to the previous time when I tried those commercial gimmicks~ Appetite well balanced now, and I'm not feeling any bad effects from the stress that I received from work that tended to affect my appeitite in those days..

But then, with this new diet that comes along with the accupuncture treatment, I got into some sort of mild constipation now and then, about 3 times thus far. According to the physician, its just simply due to the fact that you are not eating that much nor eating hard to digest food, and therefore, lesser work to be done by your lovely intestines and lesser motions within.. I really hate to feel bloated due to all these constipation hits~

Well well, damn glad that those pants which I've purchased prior to my treatment are now lose..
I really hope that my resolution for this new year will come true~

That is: GET A NEW & SEXY YOU~!!


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Saturday, 21 July 2007

'Waking-up' in the Morning to work

While walking towards the front of the platform to wait for my train (morning routine to work), I saw this lady who stood very close to the doors and was talking on phone. Not that she was particularly good-figured, or that she's a great beauty, but I just happen to notice her because she stood so close to the door? I think? Anyway, she was dressed in black top and bottoms, but I didn't managed to note if she's young or middle age... But I just noticed her.

Why? I'm sure that you who are reading is wondering, that I am talking about this someone who has no significance to whoever... haha... here goes the actual point that I am trying to make:

As I walk towards the front of the platform, while I was closing the distance between that particular lady-in-black-standing-near-door, I saw something scurried up her back... "EH>?! Did I SEE something? I did!!! I looked carefully and to my extreme HORROR, I saw a cockaroach around 2 inch in length crawling up her back!!!" O~O

My oh my.... many thoughts flashed passed, and I was already detouring and moving towards the lady before I realise it. The next thing that I know is that I am already at her back and she is still talking on the phone (note: I had my music plugged to my ears, I didn't catch what she was talking on the phone nor had the time to look at her if she noticed my presence through the reflection on the glass doors).

At that point, serveral solutions to this 'creepy' situation came to thought, and I felt the adrenaline rush (the famous flight or fight reaction to prepare for action, natural response from the human body... It felt good!!! Heh heh...). "Should I just tell her and walk off? Tap her shoulders get her attention? No!! Ah!! Kroach-san is already at her shoulders! Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!! Ah crap! Grab the feelers and throw it to the floor and stomp till its dead? Yucks! What if it attack me before I can touch its long feelers? And why the hell do I wanna get in touch with that disgusting Kroach??!!! Urgh!! Ok, swat at it!! But I've got no newspapers not slippers! Also, I'll be hitting the lady in the process of gettting Kroach-san... OR I should swat it with my plastic bag? But then I wouldn't be able to eat my food (in the plastic bag).. Oh no! its heading for the neck!! Arh!!!!!!!"

Before I knew it, my right hand reached for Kroach-san!! Lucky me, I WOKE UP and instead of really going bare-handed to swat at Kroach-san, I sort of swat the air above it, hopefully alarming it to get it flying off to elsewhere (but not on me!!). Thanks to everything and anything at all, it flew off the lady's shoulders and onto the bottom of the door infront of the lady.

Seeing that, I was even contemplating if I should kill it with my heels... eh... heels aren't exactly good for aims... eh? It's crawling away? Okay lah, you can keep your disgusting life... I shall continue my morning routine...

With that I just walked off from the spot and headed to my targeted spot. Its only when I walked off, I wondered if I appeared to be a pervert doing strange things to a lady from the back? Or did I looked like the one who placed the kroach from viewers at the back? Did that suay lady noticed that I was swating at the kroach which was crawling up her back? Did she realised she was saved? Did she wondered if I was a pervert about to prance on her? ARGH!!!! Why am I only thinking about it after what happened??

Anyway... I was still really sleepy when I was coming down from the escalators, seeing that horrible Kroach-san really WOKE ME UP!!! Haha!! Though disgusted at the thought of seeing kroach on someone, and prayed really hard to NEVER happen on me, I felt great!! I did something applaudable, a kind deed... and I sort of felt that at times of crisis/emergency(?), I would not froze on the spot... I felt really good!! *^u^*


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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Dropping by...


Haha!! Just popping-in to see how's the place going...
Hope that you guys are still doing fine.
I will catch up with the posts tonight or tomorrow bah...
Coz to grab the usage of the 2 PCs at home is of great challenge.
To calm myself and to pyscho myself into believing that I am not tired is another obstacle to tackle...

Lastly, THANK YOU for visiting!
If you have a blog/site, please do leave a comment and I shall be visiting too!


FS.Rain¬ Celsius

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