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Monday, 22 October 2012

BlogSpirit's got an Android App Finally!

Wow~ how can I not be surprised?
Initially I was rather upset that blogspirit has gotten an app for iphone. . That was like earlier this year when I was looking high & low for blogging-on-the-go tools.

Finallt it is making its entrance into Google Play! If only this could come in earliet, I might have thought of paying for the service of more blogging space in Blogspirit.

I love Google products but I never created my blog under Blogspot coz I felt that there's just too many ppl using it. xp

Before I came found BlogSpirit, I was using tripod and dreambook if I'm not wrong. Somehow, Blogspirit sounded better, sounds like the Spirit of Blogging and I moved my previous personal website cum blog over here.

Around the end of last year, my passion for beauty n health stuff went blazing and I enjoyed sharing great finds with people whom I interact online and in real life. Blogging seems to allow me to pen my finds, share with more people and illustrate better with visuals.

At that point, I have 3 blogs. Here, in BlogSpirit, 1 in Pixnet and Wretch. The last 2 were created initially to pen my thoughts in Chinese, my mother tongue language which I want to allow myself the chance and opportunity to always practise n be using. To be able to use this cultural language in expressing myself. Afterall, apart from using it among family and close friends, we don't usually use it for work and other day to day interactions as compared to Chinese who are living in China, Taiwan and perhaps Hongkong.

With considerations that I might not have much energy after work to be actively blogging, I thought that if there were apps that could be used for blogging-on-the-go would be great!

Sadly, I could only find apps in Google Play for WordPress and Blogspot and Pixnet. Hence I subscribed to a serviced blogging space with Pixnet to host all my reviews and pictures mainly health and beauty related at the moment. I need time to catch up with penning down the Food Finds, Travel Fun, Sights and activities which I experienced with my loved ones.

However, Pixnet has got its flaws in its apps. The picture uploading function is defunct. Despite sending many feedback to them, we don't see anything done to rectify. Hence I could only upliad my pictures into my blog via desktop and only to insert pictures into my posts on a desktop. I do appreciate the fact that I can still draft out my posts using the mobile app.. but it would be much better if photo uploading function works.

Reading so much of my blabber, have you managed to guess what I wanna share in this post? xp

Well, comparing to the Pixnet app, BlogSpirit app also has a picture posting option and sure as heck I'm gonna try that out!

If we get to see any picture within this post it means that it is working!

Anyway, one more thing to share is that both Pixnet and BlogSpirit allows email-to-post function. This function allows the pictures emailed to the blog-posting url to be uploaded and inserted into the post. The only downside (seems to habe alot of down side with every feature...) is that you can't adjust or control the size of the photos in your blog post though.. well... better than nothing I guess..

okok, that's all my ramblings for today. Im happy that with my badly blocked nose I am still able to "ramble" with out using my mouth, which is currently serving as my "nose" for breathing, I am very grateful already.

yea yea~ time to blow my nose n attempt a normal breathing now. Talk again soon!!

PS: I'm giving BlogSpirit a HUGE THUMBS-UP!! I am able to upload and insert a photo into the post via the app!! I'm even able to define the size of the photo with choice of Small / Original / Customise! !!


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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

PICK!! Instagram/Tumblr Alternative from Naver Japan

pick, naver japan, pick naver, tumblr, instagram, photo posting, social networking site, 

I stumbled upon this app in Google Play and simply downloaded it coz I just love the way LINE works, LINE camera is very fun too and now I saw Pick!

pick, naver japan, pick naver, tumblr, instagram, photo posting, social networking site,

It is very much like Instagram/Tumblr (according to many people coz I've used neither before), you post up photos with short comments, but EVEN BETTER!! You get to use over 500 stamps, frames, tools and settings to decorate your photos and express yourself! Make a Picture PAINT a thousand words, and that's what I think PICK actually does!

It's time for you to try it out! I've even went to it's browser page (http://pick.naver.jp/) and it kinda reminds me of Google+ page, which I'm already liking alot! The web browser page/app actually allows interactivity between users and the web browser page could be customised using the available "skins" / template designs or you can upload your own!

I have mine here: http://naver.jp/fsrain

pick, naver japan, pick naver, tumblr, instagram, photo posting, social networking site,

Leave a comment if you have anything to share with me on pick, or just anything else basically!!

Enjoy picking!!


Monday, 06 August 2012

New Camera Purchase!!

Originally Posted on: http://fsrain.pixnet.net/blog/post/37874129

Hi hi people!!

I know I know, I was kinda M.I.A (aka missing in action) for quite awhile overhere.. but what can I do? Being busy at work and in my personal life sometimes could be a good thing..

More or less this month's gonna be even more crazy at work and before I forget about my little blogSpirit, I wana make a print over here to say a "Hi/Hello!" to my quiet readers here!

Just earlier today I popped into my Gmarke|Qoo10 account to check on my review and couldn't help but searched for a Samsung Camera which I really wanted to have.. I found it and it was such a good price I couldn't resist!! To find out more about my purchase, follow the above link! I have also linked the product page if you also wish to get one for yourself!

So for now.. while I wait for mine to arrive, perhaps you could share with me what you have! I mean which camera are you using? How do you like it?

My old trusty camera is also from Samsung, very old model ES17, cost me SGD145 (with mini tripod, 8GB SDcard, lens cleaning kit, cover, rechargeable battery set) if I didn't remember wrong. Its using 2 double A batteries and had once fallen from 2nd Storey of a buidling but survived it till now.

It's really a great camera to have consider that it's very sturdy, fall-proof and battery can be bought from any stores. super convenient for travelling! 3x optical zoon, ISO1600 (light sensitivity if Im not mistaken), 12.2 megapixels with lots of shooting options, honestly, I am really satisfied with it!

samsung, camera, digital camera, qoo10, gmarket, online shopping, great deals, cheap buys, affordable camera,


Well.. if not for the fact that I am so tech-crazed (apart from makeup/beauty-crazed), so so excited and enthusiastic about the latest gadgets and stuff like that, I would just keep to my trusty old camera and along with my Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 to capture all the beautiful shots and videos!

That's how I started getting "hooked" to the camera that has a front LCD where I can pose and shoot my self-portraits with instant preview of my shots!

Having said so much.. let's just wait till my new camera arrive!

I bet its gonna be one of my best gadgets for travel and capturing all the precious moments in life with my family and friends!

Check back again for my camera update!


Friday, 22 June 2012

My Ainol Novo 7 Aurora Tab is back!














Finally my ainol novo 7 Aurora tab is back. Now with its cost hiked up by repair, total of SGD209 + 50,

its better last me till I get sufficient funds to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 or something even better! Hmph!


Quick specs for sharing:

- 7" Capacitative Screen

- Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

- 1.0 GB Processor

- Built-in Memory 8GB (add $20 for 16GB)

- Front Camera (specs to be confirmed)


I actually got mine at 16GB initially from sim lim square. But there were startup issues and no stock to exchange, so I took a refund of 20 to receive a 8GB replacement.


It was all well till 1 day I wanted to bring it for Google Play to be installed and at the store it was found that my screen became damaged due to having been squashed by items in bag or pressed on.


Hence I'm sharing with all readers here, if you intend to spend less money for an okay tab that's light weight and convenient to bring around, this novo 7 Aurora by Ainol works.






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Monday, 18 June 2012

[Shopping | 购物] Cherry Culture Sale! 25% off L.A Colors (网购促销噢!!)

Originally posted at @ :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::-





Hey everyone!


I've not posted any entries in a while.. Most likely gonna back-post my articles to eliminate and "blanks" on the calendar. XP


For now I just wish to share with you that CherryCulture is having 25% off for L.A. Colors products! Grab yours now!


Im so so so tempted to join this shopping spree but am torned between saving up for up-coming trip and this exciting sales event... How~ what should I do?


Hmm.. Tell you what I have in mind. If you are located in Singapore and wanna get something during this sale but not enough items to cover the shipment fees, drop me a mail now!


I will consolidate all requests and advise if there are enough orders to do a spree where shipping cost per item falls within USD1.50 per item. How's that?


Alternatively, just drop me a note and I will keep you in touch when we have enough orders to do that Spree!


As to how much i'll charge for coordinating this and how we can arrange for deposits and payment, we can discuss this if there's enough interested parties.


Ok, thats all for now.


Happy Shopping peeps!

It's also the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE season, so watch your pockets people! Never buy on impulse ya~ unless you can afford it. XD




Friday, 08 June 2012

Mini Reviews Series Coming Your Way~~

Weee Hee~~!!!

I've started out a quest to post as many mini reviews of my cosmetics, skincare, makeup removers, whatever and ever so on so forth.. blah blah blah lala la.... to and fro work!! At the very least, on my way to work while I'm yet too exhausted by the end of the working day.

If you've been following my Health & Beauty Blog at Pixnet, you'd have noticed that it's slowly getting posted up!!

Also, I am trying to catch up on the photos to be uploaded!

The problem with uploading of photos is not the internet connection.. its the pre-upload that's tiring, time-consuming, and sometimes, confusing me too~

Coz I am lazy to rename my files after they are uploaded, so the best way to ensure after uploading into my blog I only have very minimal things to do, I will sort them out in my Thumbdrive folders and have all of the renamed!

This way, the file name tells me what photo it is and easier for me to organize them into the folders of my online album too!

Not to forget that these photos are also used for my reviews! So it is very important that I checked through them to get rid of blurred and out of focus photos, rename it, sort it out before and after uploading into my blog site.

Anyway, I'm just so happy this week. Completed 2 major steps for 2 major projects and I finally feel that I've made significant progress >> That's at work. Outside of work, I've been enjoying the fun and stressless kinda mini review blogging using the mobile app of my pixnet account. Mini reviews by my standards, save me lots of time on research, data consolidation, carefully planned review shots and swatches and applications shots. If necessary and possibily done, a video clip will be shot to further contribute to the content of a Review Blog post.

So such mini reviews are really convenient and hassle-free for me.  I'm dropping snippets of my reviews in points while I'm transiting to/from work. Then when I reach home, I'll just insert the uploaded products photos into the post and open it up for viewing!

I hope that my reviews are helpful, please do make your presence known if you find it beneficial, and let me know if there're ways for me to improve on my blog posts.

As for this blog, it is really really meant for me to post up random, unrestricted topics that I felt like doing.. like now! Supposedly to be a post to announce my mini review series, yet I strayed off-topic in between the paragraphs of this post.. hope that you're able to stay with me and not get all confused..

FYI - I seems to have quite regular readers who came straight to this URL.. how do I know? the blog provides some simple stats, and it shows that out of 100% of viewers/visits, 40% is direct request.

Very interesting thing for me to find out.. but it also makes me felt even more curious of the audience of my blog here at BlogSpirit.

Shout out to me ok?! 

Especially if you are one of those that pops in directly and not those who found me via links, search engines.


OK, enough of blabber for now.. wana continue with some video editing and hopefully, can post up a video showing how I put on my makeup soon!




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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A new Page for all cosmetics Swatches

Hi People~

Not sure if you've noticed, but I have set-up a page to list down the links to the albums/posts of the makeup swatches that I've published on my Social Networking Sites (SNS) or my Health & Beauty Blog.

To visit the page, click on the page link on the right side of my blog.

Alternatively, check it at this url:


Be back often~ I mean the other pages that I have allocated for easy viewing:



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Sunday, 18 March 2012

LINE App by Naver

I believe most iphone and Android users are not unfarmiliar with the cost saving app called Whatsapp.
Some might have also used this other app for quite some time.

So... what am I talking about??

It's none other than LINE by Naver!


They have even released the desktop versions for Mac & Windows, plus tablet version too!
Download it here!


When you use it on phone, its tied to your phone number and detects/links your contacts (you've gotta add them manually/import it into LINE contact list).

i3btB8PxiQwGy_6Kw6z4z9pG0pvkjqc1QKvR0jcH9n0k64y9RUHNsCQlc5q6jEGpbFw BAz3oz4_XCEqlwAYgQf-rZDfaUJGH2BcbN3sjfcMen2NkUFwoAbaFwnBT2jVSYxY8w

I just downloaded it to my netbook and it looks similar to how MSN pops up, but the same interface as how it looks like on your phone! It can make calls, one-to-one chat & group chat!



The same goes to the available stickers, emoticons and emoji! Which is my FAVOURITE feature of LINE!

Their selection of emoji, emoticons and specifically stickers are my FAVE!!!! SOOOOOooooooo CUTE! And many of the expressions and actions as portrayed by these emoticons/emoji/stickers are very much related to our daily life! Hence the ease of not using much words over a messenger, yet achieve the objective of sending the intended messages across.

I've captured some screenies of these cute stickers/emoticons/emoji below: 

Conventional but pre-set facial expressions made of traditional symbols on keyboards!
Super cute actions-represented stickers are found in this series!

This white little guy series of stickers can simply get you bursting into laughter just by viewing it; you'll sure find 1 that's able to express how you feel, what you're doing or wana do from this series.

This girly stickers also provide many actions / activities and expression for you to express yourself 

My favourite feature: Emojis that are SUPER CUTE!!

Tell me now, AREN'T YOU LIKING IT ALREADY?? Say yes!! I bet you do!! hahaha

*eh-hem* Too excited already~ XD

Get yours now!!! Start exressing what yourself with all these cute little emoji/stickers/kaoji now!



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Tuesday, 06 March 2012

[Mobile Games] Diversion

It is a random post~

I couldn't resist sharing this video as its a promo video of the game which me and my siblings enjoy very much on our android phones.

Try it!!



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Sunday, 19 February 2012

3 weeks of DAILY LOTDs!!


This has been the 3rd weekof my continuous daily blogging of my Office Makeup Series! Have you been following me all this while?

I've not heard much from my readers so may I assume that so far its been quite informative?

Anyway, just would like to share with you that if you wish to check out all my Look Of The Days, just follow this link to view it all on my health & beauty blog:


Alternatively, check out my dedicated page for all the looks posted in my social networking spots on the right side.of this page.

I know I don't have a guest book here, bur you can always leave your comments below my blog posts or drop me an email via "contact me" page on the left column.

Hope to hear from you!


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