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Monday, 06 August 2012

Wedding Bouquet - it lands on you...

When I came across this article:



It brought back a memory of a recent event which I attended with my guy >> his friends' wedding.


Honestly, somehow at this point in life I know I'm not ready not even wanting to think about another phase of life. Yes, every girl does somehow day dream about such things somehow.. For my case, I'm kinda not that "brave" yet..

Then, during the event, the bouquet of the bride simply came tumbling into our laps! Me n my guy, where we were idyllicly sitting around not keen to participate in the "catch the bouquet".


At that instant I had very mixed feelings gushing around, happy, puzzled, horrified (shan't explain why XP), stunned, and.. In bliss.


That moment sort of makes me realised side of the feelings I had, some of the random thoughts I had, some of the foretold fortune I heard and definitely, have me confidence to whatever that might come along the way.

I know, I knew it all along... =)


Puzzled yet Happy,


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Friday, 22 June 2012

My Ainol Novo 7 Aurora Tab is back!














Finally my ainol novo 7 Aurora tab is back. Now with its cost hiked up by repair, total of SGD209 + 50,

its better last me till I get sufficient funds to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 or something even better! Hmph!


Quick specs for sharing:

- 7" Capacitative Screen

- Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

- 1.0 GB Processor

- Built-in Memory 8GB (add $20 for 16GB)

- Front Camera (specs to be confirmed)


I actually got mine at 16GB initially from sim lim square. But there were startup issues and no stock to exchange, so I took a refund of 20 to receive a 8GB replacement.


It was all well till 1 day I wanted to bring it for Google Play to be installed and at the store it was found that my screen became damaged due to having been squashed by items in bag or pressed on.


Hence I'm sharing with all readers here, if you intend to spend less money for an okay tab that's light weight and convenient to bring around, this novo 7 Aurora by Ainol works.






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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Finding Happiness!

being happy,finding happiness,happiness,positivity

Finding Happiness instead of waiting for Happiness to find you!

I just wanna share a quick post while I'm on the go.

Now and then, I will have my thoughts "let-loose" and it will wander from the north pole till the south pole. Sometimes, it simply went out of the world.

Of course, at some point in time, I will be reflecting (its an in-born habit that's been there since I'm ever having a conscious thought process).

I will think about what I've done recently, and perhaps until i'm super young and memories are now a fuzz. No matter what I reflect on, somehow or rather, my thoughts will find itself at home with happy thoughts & recollections.

This kind of set a good state of mind for me, especially when you are having days / moments that just doesn't wanna be kind to you. When this happens, most of the time it not only reset you r state of mind, your feelings, it also does this thing I would call, your "static field". This change always bring about positivity in you, and around you, and definitely brings about a "happy cycle" as I would like to call it.

I used to be rather "emo" before I was 12, although I was cheery, but many times emo. I believe it was hormones at work during puberty. But as life gets tougher as you grow up, it gets harder to steer clear of being emotionally down.

So how do you stay happy? You can expect nature to take care of that but sometimes things just doesn't work out. I think that its easier to rely on yourself to find happiness than for you to sit around, complain that life's never easy, or you've try to appreciate the little things in life but everyone and everything is going against you.. Blah blah..so on..

What I do is, like I shared earlier, allow your thoughts to take a stroll, You could maneuver it to your mist precious memories that you've been ever so delighted and high-spirited. Or, just start by truly appreciate what you have instead of what you dont have.

The chinese saying goes: 比bi 上shang 不bu 足zu, 比bi 下xia 有you 余yu

When you compare yourself to those whom you think living a much better life than you, obviously you felt like yours is miserablr. But look at it differently, comparing yours to those whom you think are unfortunate, how do you feel?

Lastly, (as its getting too long and typing on hp is tiring too) I love the chinese saying that goes:

知zhi 足zu 常chang 乐le,笑xiao 口kou 常chang 开kai

It means to be appreciative of what you have, happiness & laughters will always be with you.

Ok, time to stop.... Haven't done such a long post on "thoughts & sharing".. It's sure gonna be interesting when I read it again years later. Xp



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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines' Day!!

Wow~ It's the day of the year where retailers sends out the hype and increase the prices for simple things which we can also indulge any other day.. but then for today, it is so special that everything will be priced and viewed differently!

When I was single, I used to enjoy the hype and the romance in the air while wondering what's it gonna be like when I have my better-half..

Hmm.. ever since last year's V-day, I think it does makes a different when you have a special someone who celebrates this day with you.

For me, it was very random, unplanned, surprised.. coz we simply went to our neighbourhood park to have a packed dinner (from some food retailers of coz), and enjoy a sip of drinks or two..

When he sent me home, he was just playing with the guitar and initially it was just some random pieces and his made-up lyrics (coz he's bad at remembering lyrics?? not sure..).. I was just enjoying the moment, admiring him while he strummed, and thinking that he is talented with musical instrument (yea, I know many plays a guitar, but I prefer to think that my guy is pretty talented XD).

Before I realised, his humming & made-up lyrics to some pieces suddenly became a song for me.. a song he sang about me, for me!! At the moment when it hit on me, I was so overwhlemed with emotions, the warmth was astonishing!! Apart from the surge of emotions, I was also wondering if I shoot start filming him!! hahaha.. but my senses got better of me to simply enjoy this exclusive performance and allow our hearts to rejoice~ It moved me so much that before I knew it.. tears well-up and flowed as he sang to me his love and his feelings.. Definitely Unforgettable~ My first V-day... Thank you dear~!!

What about yours?

Heh heh.. I'm wondering what's up-coming for this year's but I am also trying hard not to anticipate too much as whatever that I have now on a day to day basis.. I believe is more than enough to last a life time. XD (I know I know.. MUSHY TO THE MAX!! )


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Tuesday, 03 January 2012

New Year Resolutions - 2012


I never really wanted to post this nor even make a list due to many reasons.. However, I wanted to take part in the giveaway organized by Michelle Phan, hence here it is!

  1. Improve my health via better lifestyle - sufficient sleep (7-8hours)
  2. Established major milestones in my Career
  3. Establish my blog presence and also produce better reviews in YouTube & my Pixnet blog by providing enriching & informative viewing experience for my cyber visitors!
May all our dreams come true!
Have a great year in 2012!!

Friday, 14 October 2011


Hmm.. I just realised that again, I have left this place abandoned... for a super long time!!
Honestly, I have forgotten about it until most recently.. and I am thinking if I wana maintain this.. and how..
I have 2 other chinese blogs that are also long-forgotten/neglected + there's facebook and twitter to make things simpler and I signed up for google+ recently.. I wonder if it is even manageable .. o-O?

Anyways, have popped by to say HI~~~ hahaha.. I was re-inspired to revist my virtual life as I was helping my little sister to source for webhost/domain host and kinda felt the urge to come back.

Let's see.. how long it's going to take me.. to make a come back! =)


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Thursday, 18 December 2008


Y2008 is ending soon and I think it's about time to really draw up a plan
or a list of things which I want to accomplish:

Top 3
1) Lose Flabs~
2) Get a Degree
3) Get a Class 2B/A license

and the list goes like...

4) Improved health via proper exercise regime [Swimming x 2, Home Exercise
x 3]
5) Library Trips>>Habitual Reading (News/Gossips/Fictions/Non-Fictions)
6) *heh* Regular Housekeeping
7) Monthly Drinking Activity
8) Quarterly Friends Meeting
9) Taiwan Trip x 2
10) Chill-out trip x 2

Ain't got enough time now to elaborate..
Hope that tonight this could be done proper!


PS: recently known as Rez / Ruru

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Friday, 13 July 2007

Guilt-ridden confessions

I became aware of a fact - my boss has been working REAL HARD, real late (wee hours of the morning), even had work done at home...
As for myself, I have tons of work piling up, unable to finish during NORMAL working hours due to several meetings (with staff who walked-into my office and those scheduled ones) and other distractions. I did stay back quite frequently in attempt to complete some tasks, but its never possible to complete all that were 'due' for that day. With that, the vicious cycle of accumulation and tighter datelines kept coming back... STRESS is just one of the end/side products of such cycles.

Realisation brought back recollections of then, those times which I had just started work and was blindly putting in much time and effort with the many hours of OT to finish as many tasks as possible at work, while I was even studying part-time. That was also the period of time which I neglected the rest of the population of concern. Yet, those efforts weren't exactly appreciated. Thinking back, if I had been here with these great people in this current organization then, my efforts would have triggered satifying results and my 'spirit' may still linger. Now, I thought, I have made up my mind before ending the previous job, to not delve too much and indulge myself in work... This decision, is distrubing me, and costs me several restless nights filled with exhausting dreams, I think.

I would love to 'switch' back to my workaholic mode, but I am also afraid of the impending 'dooms' if I were to activate it. Energy is also one of my concerns, I felt old, somehow...

I guess, I need more time to think about this... More than I had expected...


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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

February 2007

It's the end of February!! And just prior to that, prior to the long break of Chinese New Year, I found a job, and I tendered my resignation!!

Friends, I know what most of you would be saying... "WHAT? You're changing job again?! Job-hopping No Good!" ... -_-;;

If you have known me well enough... you would have known that it is very very hard for me to stay in a job when I know too well that its not suitable for me. Also, bear in mind that from year 2003 - 2005, I had been studying and working at the same time. Not to forget that at that point of time, I was switching from my career path from the 'sciences' to 'human resources management', hence was trying very VERY hard to catch a job in HR. Little do I know that HR vacancies appear periodically, and I mean PERIODICALLY. Not like there are my HR jobs around at any one time. Most of the times you will get to see Sales positions, accounts, and for the past few years, Engineering jobs...

So that period of time, I was literally taking up any job that I can settle in to fit my study needs and allow me to contribute to my family income. (I don't come from a wealthy, not even from the average earning income group coz.... well, not very convenient to blurt it all out...) Anyway, I was really 'young' then, and wasn't that confident of my capabilities in HRM, though I am very experienced in Admin. So I wasn't really asking for what I should be getting.

It was until now, or at least 2 years back that I covered all aspects of HR, and am very sure of what I know and what I don't that i know of my market value. Some things comes with age and experience. I am grateful that somehow, I had the opportunity to start work at a younger age. Sometimes, I think that being ignorant till an older age is a bliss, too...

Anyway, back to the subject... - Switching job

I am moving on to a charitable organization. My second one thus far in my working life. The first was in a monastery. With the most recent lessons learnt (through this current job in a reputable 'MNC'), and with the incorporation of my plans for the next 2-5 years, this new job allow me to have slightly more pay than the current, more time to sleep as I will be working from 9am-5pm Mon to Fri, and 9am to 1pm on Sat and it is closer to home as compared to the current, and it is accessible by train. I realised that I favor travelling by train as the timing will not be too hectic to predict. Also, the new workplace is very close to central, great location to meet up with family and friends for dinners, outings, shopping spree after work! Also, if you do realise, I am ending work early, that gives me more time for my personal life, which really fit into my plan -- to save enough money and have the time to pursue a degree! Mind you guys, I am not a graduate, although most people whom I know at work thought so. With work and the experiences, I find that there is just not enough knowledge in me academically...

Also, after going through the 'idol-chasing' in Jan, I am determined to visit Taiwan in October this year. Setting this goal will conincidentally give me more 'push' to fullfill my other goal -- LOSING WEIGHT AND LOSING EXTRA 'FLUB'!

Wish me all the luck in all areas of life!


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