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Wednesday, 03 June 2009

Wow~ Mid 2009 Already!

Wow Wow WOW!!

This is SO FAST! It's already JUNE!! MY GOSH!
When did this happen??? O-O??????

Hahaha.. anyway... just wana jot some stuff down and monitor how I spent my time..

1) Meet-ups~~ and much much fun!! (hee hee.. for me to know for you to find out)
2) Belly Dance! (wef 16May09) Real FUN!!
3) Yahoo Chat (MORE FUN!!!) hahaha~
4) Shopping~ bought 1-2 pair of jeans, some Polo, some nice nice undergarments and camisoles!
5) Self-discovery~ umm... there seems to be always more to find out about myself.. interesting...
6) MASSAGE~~ huhuhuhu!! I strongly reccomend 'The House of Traditional Javanese Massage", check them out at www.javanesemassage.com
7) Drinking~~ haha, recently find that Palong Bar in Hotel Rendezvous very good place to drink and chill.. soft background music, comfy couch seats and got TV for those who loves to watch soccer matches.. GREAT Place to try out.

Well well.. hope that things go well and I get to enjoy more fun, more happiness and much more bonding time together with people whom I value so much!


PS: I should be finding time to review all those massage trials that I tried.. and also the drinks that I've taken before.. coz I may forget... haha I mean the drinks! I love cocktails... hope to get a bar tender cum masseur for a boy friend! hahaha~ Anyone? LOLx

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Thursday, 18 December 2008


Y2008 is ending soon and I think it's about time to really draw up a plan
or a list of things which I want to accomplish:

Top 3
1) Lose Flabs~
2) Get a Degree
3) Get a Class 2B/A license

and the list goes like...

4) Improved health via proper exercise regime [Swimming x 2, Home Exercise
x 3]
5) Library Trips>>Habitual Reading (News/Gossips/Fictions/Non-Fictions)
6) *heh* Regular Housekeeping
7) Monthly Drinking Activity
8) Quarterly Friends Meeting
9) Taiwan Trip x 2
10) Chill-out trip x 2

Ain't got enough time now to elaborate..
Hope that tonight this could be done proper!


PS: recently known as Rez / Ruru

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Monday, 29 September 2008

New job~

29 Sep 2008 - The start of a new job!!

It's really great to leave 'hellway'~ Hahaha.. that's how they like to call it..
But its so tiring... the last month of my stay, the last 2 weeks of it was a real torture...

Now its another job.. something similar to the one I went at the end of 2005.. This one's an MNC. This time, I finally got into a specialisation - T&D.

Praying hard~ For the best of myself, my career, my studies (coming)~
I have finally submitted application for my degree program.. now still waiting for acceptance notification..
Actually I really have no confidence... only 50%... coz of stupid admission criteria...
If can't get into this, will have to go for private Uni that does not fall into subsidy category~
Meaning >> I'm gonna have more debts >> coz gonna take education loan lor...

This world is just too $$ related sometimes..



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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Its my Bday!!


I took leave~ and slacked ard for my birthday~
Actually, last week somethings happened... luckily, I already applied for leave on these two days..
So when my ultimate limit is reached...
I took upon the chance, things really quite well timed on their own.. the agency called... I realised I really wana go.. and I have leave long applied.. so I went for the interview... and on my birthday today, I know I have secured a job...

Maybe, some times I really have this thought, my god-father is really looking after me.. Tua Pek Gong too~

Especially when I'm feeling down..
When I think I really need help..
I know they will definitely lend a helping hands and give me a nudge to correct my path~

Of course.. My most sturdy backing are my beloved ones~
They have always showered me with lotsa love~
Especially my mum, I think, without her love, I would not be who I am today..

My birthday, is actually a day my mum went into Labour~ into PAIN
Its a suffering for her, but a joy to me~
I'm brought into this world, and showered with love.

I just have this thought, Birthdays should always be celebrated with the ones who loves you and especially the one that brings you into this world.

Let's be grateful and start appreciating people around you if you haven't even realise what you have missed so far...
Cherish them before you lose them...

Time don't fly, Time just never come back~


PS: Recently I kinda like the way ppl call my IGN>> Rez ^0^

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Monday, 30 June 2008

Nothing's EZ~


Hmm.. to-date as weighed at home, should have lost like 10-11kgs. The fats are cooperating well and I have grown to love garnier even more as their bodyfit firming hydrating lotion really leave on a hydrated feel... so smooth~

This morning Polin Aunty came.. haha! We asked alot of qns, asked on career lah.. and for my case, its gonna be a life long uneven ride according to her, and thus "job-hopper" shall be thye name! We asked about love too~ Guess wat? Next year shall be when the peach blossoms luck bloom! Haha! At that instance, that gut feeling that I had to do something about my weight sort of makes sense now... wat? preparing for that someone's arrival? LOL

Anyway, I recalled the instance that I felt the urge and seriousness in my attitude to start getting aware of property came to mind. Its like then, I got serious because a Need is coming by... So we shall sit back and see if this is really how my body works... Giving out signals according to the Timing in Life.

Spoken a little more and there I found out that the way to a healthy body is not stopping at the weight problem. The root of problem lies on my stomach and digestive system. More work to do now that the aunty has w'orked it out' for me.

I believe, that aint gonna be EZ but Im sure I will pull it off quite well. Its gonna feel real good to accomplish the goals you've set an to proof something's right and so forth. I wana have a taste of that!

Bikini suit >>> shall be my christmas present for myself!

FS.Rain | Celsius
a.k.a. Fangru

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Thursday, 22 May 2008

New photos uploaded~ I'm back~!!

Hello hello~

e438a0a1ba05070b83d7d3b734ba28b8.jpgHave not pop-by for quite awhile, and I wonder how's everybody doing??
I have been gaming in GE for sometime... haha~ I've finally got a personal computer~!!!
But have not been updating my blogs or even my webbie which I have thought of updating/re-vamping since... god knows when... LOLx

Anyway, I have finally decided that I should resolve to the first thought that I had to lose my excess baggage several years ago.. and hence, right about 1 month ago, I started my accupuncture weight-loss programme.

Results seemed good so far. Lost 6KGs already, and the fats have been soften much more easily as compared to the previous time when I tried those commercial gimmicks~ Appetite well balanced now, and I'm not feeling any bad effects from the stress that I received from work that tended to affect my appeitite in those days..

But then, with this new diet that comes along with the accupuncture treatment, I got into some sort of mild constipation now and then, about 3 times thus far. According to the physician, its just simply due to the fact that you are not eating that much nor eating hard to digest food, and therefore, lesser work to be done by your lovely intestines and lesser motions within.. I really hate to feel bloated due to all these constipation hits~

Well well, damn glad that those pants which I've purchased prior to my treatment are now lose..
I really hope that my resolution for this new year will come true~

That is: GET A NEW & SEXY YOU~!!


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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Back from Taipei~!!!

Been back for more than a week, but my posts are yet to be up...

Even my photos are not completely uploaded... Well, at least some of it is up.

You can check it out in my album.

Will try... really try to post up my trips sOOn... *^u^*'


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Monday, 10 September 2007


霜, is this cute lady born in Indonesia whom I met during my last two years of seconday, and who always amaze me with her sense of humor, her unique personality and way of speech/intonation, and lastly, her interest in astronomy.

It's like 3 years back that we last got in touch.... I thought that we will stay lost in touch....

Just yesterday, a sms that invites me to a gathering hooked me up with her.

I guess, the reason behind my not-so-worried attitude towards our lost of contact is that I know that she'll be back? On top of that, we will meet again? Somehow? Hahaha... I don't know... but deep down inside, I was not really that worried about losing touch with her.

I heard that she's all the same.... but attached... so I lost my chance? Hahahahaha!! No way!! I'm still heterosexual thoguh!

But it's such a great feeling to have, to have found someone whom you have not get in contact after so long.

We really should cherish every moment that we have with the ones we care.

In recent times, I have been thinking, while I am looking, looking at my love ones... I have grown older, and they have aged. I truly wonder how much more time we have left. I am thoroughly amazed by how fast that time could really fly...

If only we are awaken the moment we come into this world.

If only we are able to know that time is exhaustible as we come into this world.

If only we are able to view the present and look into our future as we come into this world.

If only we do... I guess time will never be priceless.


What was all that about?



Also known as Ah-Bang in the older days...


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Saturday, 21 July 2007

'Waking-up' in the Morning to work

While walking towards the front of the platform to wait for my train (morning routine to work), I saw this lady who stood very close to the doors and was talking on phone. Not that she was particularly good-figured, or that she's a great beauty, but I just happen to notice her because she stood so close to the door? I think? Anyway, she was dressed in black top and bottoms, but I didn't managed to note if she's young or middle age... But I just noticed her.

Why? I'm sure that you who are reading is wondering, that I am talking about this someone who has no significance to whoever... haha... here goes the actual point that I am trying to make:

As I walk towards the front of the platform, while I was closing the distance between that particular lady-in-black-standing-near-door, I saw something scurried up her back... "EH>?! Did I SEE something? I did!!! I looked carefully and to my extreme HORROR, I saw a cockaroach around 2 inch in length crawling up her back!!!" O~O

My oh my.... many thoughts flashed passed, and I was already detouring and moving towards the lady before I realise it. The next thing that I know is that I am already at her back and she is still talking on the phone (note: I had my music plugged to my ears, I didn't catch what she was talking on the phone nor had the time to look at her if she noticed my presence through the reflection on the glass doors).

At that point, serveral solutions to this 'creepy' situation came to thought, and I felt the adrenaline rush (the famous flight or fight reaction to prepare for action, natural response from the human body... It felt good!!! Heh heh...). "Should I just tell her and walk off? Tap her shoulders get her attention? No!! Ah!! Kroach-san is already at her shoulders! Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!! Ah crap! Grab the feelers and throw it to the floor and stomp till its dead? Yucks! What if it attack me before I can touch its long feelers? And why the hell do I wanna get in touch with that disgusting Kroach??!!! Urgh!! Ok, swat at it!! But I've got no newspapers not slippers! Also, I'll be hitting the lady in the process of gettting Kroach-san... OR I should swat it with my plastic bag? But then I wouldn't be able to eat my food (in the plastic bag).. Oh no! its heading for the neck!! Arh!!!!!!!"

Before I knew it, my right hand reached for Kroach-san!! Lucky me, I WOKE UP and instead of really going bare-handed to swat at Kroach-san, I sort of swat the air above it, hopefully alarming it to get it flying off to elsewhere (but not on me!!). Thanks to everything and anything at all, it flew off the lady's shoulders and onto the bottom of the door infront of the lady.

Seeing that, I was even contemplating if I should kill it with my heels... eh... heels aren't exactly good for aims... eh? It's crawling away? Okay lah, you can keep your disgusting life... I shall continue my morning routine...

With that I just walked off from the spot and headed to my targeted spot. Its only when I walked off, I wondered if I appeared to be a pervert doing strange things to a lady from the back? Or did I looked like the one who placed the kroach from viewers at the back? Did that suay lady noticed that I was swating at the kroach which was crawling up her back? Did she realised she was saved? Did she wondered if I was a pervert about to prance on her? ARGH!!!! Why am I only thinking about it after what happened??

Anyway... I was still really sleepy when I was coming down from the escalators, seeing that horrible Kroach-san really WOKE ME UP!!! Haha!! Though disgusted at the thought of seeing kroach on someone, and prayed really hard to NEVER happen on me, I felt great!! I did something applaudable, a kind deed... and I sort of felt that at times of crisis/emergency(?), I would not froze on the spot... I felt really good!! *^u^*


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Friday, 13 July 2007

Guilt-ridden confessions

I became aware of a fact - my boss has been working REAL HARD, real late (wee hours of the morning), even had work done at home...
As for myself, I have tons of work piling up, unable to finish during NORMAL working hours due to several meetings (with staff who walked-into my office and those scheduled ones) and other distractions. I did stay back quite frequently in attempt to complete some tasks, but its never possible to complete all that were 'due' for that day. With that, the vicious cycle of accumulation and tighter datelines kept coming back... STRESS is just one of the end/side products of such cycles.

Realisation brought back recollections of then, those times which I had just started work and was blindly putting in much time and effort with the many hours of OT to finish as many tasks as possible at work, while I was even studying part-time. That was also the period of time which I neglected the rest of the population of concern. Yet, those efforts weren't exactly appreciated. Thinking back, if I had been here with these great people in this current organization then, my efforts would have triggered satifying results and my 'spirit' may still linger. Now, I thought, I have made up my mind before ending the previous job, to not delve too much and indulge myself in work... This decision, is distrubing me, and costs me several restless nights filled with exhausting dreams, I think.

I would love to 'switch' back to my workaholic mode, but I am also afraid of the impending 'dooms' if I were to activate it. Energy is also one of my concerns, I felt old, somehow...

I guess, I need more time to think about this... More than I had expected...


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