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Saturday, 03 February 2007

Job Hunting!!

Job hunting again!

Actually it's very sad to be looking out for another job. But after such a long time... well, not that it is very long, only 1yr and 2 months.. But after going through the performance review with the supervisor of my department (whom I have never deemed as some one worthy of the position) and spending some time thinking through, I know that I have to put my thoughts into actions already. There is no more need to wait and see and anticipate the outcome of the alignment.

Afterall, it is a great company in view of its structure, culture, vision. BUT, it is managed by people. With people, it can get personal and objectives may not remain while visions are blurred...

I really learned alot on how organization works and am very very glad to know that the founders/leaders of this organization were great people who were once alive, and have headed this company through the numerous years that it's been around. It's a pity that this office is not headed like how it was by them. I am inspired by their management philosophies. I am sure and confident that whatever that I have read up about them and their philosophies will follow me through my life.

I believe in learning from others, be it their mistakes, or their experience, because you, as an individual can only make that limited number of mistakes and experience that amount of life. But when you gather information shared by others, especially those pioneers and great persons out there, you are actually ridding on an express train.

Experience is extremely valuable. The older the wiser. We ought to learn whatever we can. But not to underestimate the things which you can also learn from the young and innocent. Sometimes, as we grow up, we may forget certain values and lessons in life, but the young ones who are just stepping out into the world are experiencing the time of their life. From them, you get to look back in time, and remember who you were in the past...

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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Starting Again...

More than 6 months after the last post....

It's 2007, and right before this year started, another sprain on the lower back... same place too! But this time round I went to see a chinese 'Tui Na' and found that it all started with a fell on the bottom in early Nov06. Thinking back... all through my life I had several falls, and should not be surprised about a fall leading to any complications. BUT! I am surprised that a fall on the bottom can lead to a sprain in the back which was much worse than the one which I had earlier in 2006. Walking, sleeping and moving my arms were a torture! Performing daily routine such as brushing my teeth and washing my face can cause tears to roll down my cheeks...

 Anyway, it's over. Have slowly recovered. But it still felt weird at times. A lesson well learned. A realisation that hit me right in the face, HEALTH >> lose it and you will never get it back as you age...

Moving on, I shall see to it that this blog is posted now and then. Minimum once a month. Hahaa... Pathetic as it seems, but if I can make it to once a month, I think its already an improvement. The fact is, with all the work in the day from Mondays to Fridays, its hard not to get a phobia of using the PC. I realised that ever since I started working at the end of 2003, I refrained from using the PC and spent more time slacking or watching TV. Nowadays, my TV is also accumulating dust....

Well, there's always the First Step. So this is it! My January Post for 2007.

Till then...


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Saturday, 10 June 2006


First time ever in my 22 years of life, I was down with MC due to back pain -- caused by strained muscle in lower back. strangely, right after that, I was down with tocilitis (not sure if it's spelled like this) -- infection of the tonsils, which caused me pain even when I swallow my saliva! It's not just some kind of sore throat, according to my Doc, it's infectious! Particularly so when it comes with fever.. I was debarred from work... TT-TT when there was so much things to do! (like its anything out of the ordinary) Well, in the aspect of work, its more like physically you are sick, but you feel that your brain is still functioning, you can sort of still carry on with work! I felt 'helpless' and exasperated in a way...

BUT! I really do appreciate and was rejoicing over the 'leave' given! Hahaha... quoting what my mum says, "those who are 'capable' gets more work on them, it's time for 'her' to do some things" SEE: At work - someone suffered...

Anyway, the back pain triggered my train of thoughts -- what have I done to my body???

I did some soul-searching and found out that I really am guilty of causing myself PAIN. Before I started working, swimming was always part of my weekly routine, but as I grew older, I sort of do away with it... With work, and my tendency to become a workaholic, I stopped swimming completely -- once in a blue moon was what went on for the past 3-4 years.

*Heh heh* I went for a swim yesterday, despite the cursed weather. I was planning to go on Tuesday as I was on leave, but it started raining from morning till evening! And when the rain started since morning again yesterday, I was like "what the ****?! of all times and days its gotta be my swimming day!!??!!?" Well well, glad that all went well! *YEA!* heh heh, felt so good to feel the sore in my muscles (I always like that feeling!) I know, you may think that I am perverted... well my mum and my conclusion is that I am a weirdo to a certain extend... which is GREAT! Hahaha... being unique is fine with me, I prefer to be different, in a beneficial way.

Well.. just, lao bao exclaimed "WAH! You have a BLOG?! x3" ye ye ye.. I have one ok?! And 'tis the new one! I just didn't have time (lazy) to update it daily, once a week is already amazing...

hmm... KPOP is trying to catch my attention... well, gotta go... Annyoung!

I swam, FS.Rain

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Sunday, 14 May 2006

Year 2006

New year with a great start!!

Have landed myself in a great company with great colleagues + boss!! That, is something which I am really grateful for and is appreciative of what is given. So far things are going smooth...

1) We are selected for the Selective En Bloc Redevelopment! and I am going to be the owner of our new house! (which means that I am going to have something called the 'mortgage' to worry for... good and bad..)

2) Finally got myself in the right job in the right company and glad to be able to see my prospects if things goes as planned.

3) *smiles* I am now sitting by the PC and started doing something for my interests... to spice up my site and all...

4) I am gaining more determination to start solving my weight problem and to look into my study of the Korean language.

It's really getting hot! And there's a bowl of cold fruit cocktail waiting for me.

Till then,


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Wednesday, 23 February 2005

I'm Back!! And moving out SOon... (from tripod blog)

Mood:  cheeky
Hey Guyz!!

If you are ever here before... or happen to be around.. kinda sorry... that I din update this bloggy thingy often as I find it getting slower and slower..

I am moving out of this blog, as you can see that I have moved my site out, the blog and guestbook is coming along... but time would be needed to transfer all these shit..

Anyway, here's a quick update:

Jun 2004 >> got into this Monastery and worked as a admin exec doing almost anything possible... long hours, wasted weekends... but was quite happy with the people and place until the truth of everything dawned on me...
Nov 2004 >> I left, jobless AGAIN... haha.. that's life!

Jan-Feb 2005 >> contract worker... happily enjoying my days with ncs... nice place, full of funnies and smileys (people)... then thought that I am graduating soon... (my part time dip in HRM) so started looking for HR job... if cant find, then will hang around current place for few more months..
Who knows I was ever so lucky to have met this promising boss... and was even eager to have me start working the next day after interview??
Then it became sad that my contract is ending on 31st MArch, guess what? The company still accepts me!! they will wait for my release!! I have never felt so valued living to this age!! hahaha... really hope that this time round, I have found the "perfect" boss!!

But now... I'm still graduating this year... but kenna postponed.... I failed 1 re-exam for ONE BLOODY MODULE... and gotta remodule... will be taking the LAST exam this Aug... IF NOT FOR THIS SHITTY MODULE(Which I even bother to study!!!!!!), I could have just take my last 2 papers in APril and end this whole course!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just the thot of the extra $$$ that I would need to invest in... makes me mad!!!

Let's just pray that my new job in HR is gonna be $$ making and fulfilling!!

**** END OF UPDATE ****

Guyz!! All the best to ya-all!! Go for it! Whatever you wanna pursue! Pull through and you will find yourself there in no time!!


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Sunday, 16 May 2004

HooHa!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am now a free-man!!!

Frens, folks, whoever came by... I am now jobless!!!! Hahaha... who in the right mind will be so ecstatic about being unemployed at this difficult time??? huh??

Ye... ye... ME!!! JUST ME!!
Well, people come and go... things change, situations change, too.

This is for the good of me and you...
I know, that this will be a loss, but not me, it's YOU!!!


I am having a clear conscience on the things I've done thus far, I could have stayed, but will be at my disadvantage... I know, I see it then, I see it now, and I am seeing it in the days to come, If I stayed on...

Hello?? You guys muz be thinking I have nothing up there in my shell.... Well.. just some blabbering..
Take it EZ!!!

More to come!!


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Sunday, 22 February 2004

$$$$$$$$$ -- This is what it's all about!!

Hey... never know who's reading this, but who cares...

Well, having to work and study at the same time is indeed efficient for time saving, but rather exhausting too. I realised this, now.

Then came the bills.. for the loans... for the 2 years of my life spent in the polytechic.. then the bill for my current course, then again the bill for my handphone... and I believe and know that this will go on for life, so long as you are alive...

Well, just a little grumble, not that I am really getting pissed or whatever...

Gotta get back to my project...

Till the next time...


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Thursday, 25 September 2003

Hectic Timing...

Well, I know that it's bad for health when your body-timing is topsy turvy, but somehow, I love to work, or start doing things at night... I love to have the quietness when I work. The cool air that surrounds me and the breeze that fall upon my shoulders, along with a very fresh and inspiring smell in the atmosphere...
I like to think that I'm a night-crawler... haha... X-Men!! No lah... just some creature that wakes up in the night and sleeps in the day... hahaha... me a mouse?? YES!! Ahahahaa...

I donno... at this point of my life, there's a lot of things that I wana do, yet financially unabled...
The money factor just pop up and stick to the middle-of-my-eyes just so that I can be very aware of its existence and that its importance is not to be neglected...

Hmm... just replied my korean pal, I felt rather useless, in the sense of using korean... I haven't really put in much effort to learn it... but that's not the point. Through my years in crescent, I learned that with the right environment and the right people around you. Plus the willingness to learn and pick up something, you are capable of achieving!! But guess what? I lack of factors like environment, and people.... -_-;;

Anyway, this bloggy thingy is very amusingly tacky... eh? what tokking me?? hhahaa...
I'm going crazy I'm going crazy... yea! I'm going crazy ... .. .... .....

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Thursday, 11 September 2003

FangSpot Ver.3 is finally up!!

Phew!! So glad that my ver.3 is up!! But I realised that I did not keep any screenshot of the previous versions for remembrance... -_-;;
Really hope that this time round, people who drop by will show me more support!! I've still got my Korean Pop sites to shift... I guess I wouldn't be free till next year...

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Monday, 01 September 2003

The first entry....

Well.... this is a convienient way of posting text for lazy people like me...^^ no matter what, it really is a fun way to leave things on...
Well... Still stuck in the revamption of my site -- FangSpot and also the K-Pop site -- KPopSpot.
Hoped that the next time I'm here again, there'll be more things done!!

Till then... Ciao!!!

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